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Final Fantasy IV Guides & Walkthroughs

Final Fantasy IV, also known as Final Fantasy II in North America, is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square Enix. It was originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1991 in Japan, and later in North America in 1991, Europe in 1992, and Australia in 1993. Since its initial release, Final Fantasy IV has been ported to numerous platforms, including PlayStation, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, and more. Final Fantasy IV is often praised for its engaging story, well-developed characters, and innovative gameplay mechanics. It has been widely recognized as a classic in the role-playing genre, and its various re-releases and remakes have allowed new generations of players to experience its captivating story and gameplay.

The game features a rich and epic story that follows the adventures of Cecil Harvey, a dark knight who embarks on a journey to redeem himself and thwart the evil plans of the sorcerer Golbez. Along the way, Cecil is joined by a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities and backstories, as they battle monsters, explore dungeons, and uncover the mysteries of their world. The game also features a character-driven narrative with deep storytelling, memorable music composed by Nobuo Uematsu, and a wide range of challenging boss battles and dungeons. Players can level up their characters, acquire new equipment and abilities, and engage in strategic battles against a variety of foes.


Final Fantasy IV CWCheats (USA)

Final Fantasy IV CWCheats (Europe)

Final Fantasy IV CWCheats (Japan)





FF4 Complete Walkthrough

FF4 My Team Before Zeromus

My walkthrough for the game is broken up into 14 different chapters; each of the chapters covers a different part of the game. Chapters 1 - 13 cover the entire game and Chapter 14 covers all of the post game content in the GBA version of FF4 (as well as any later release that has the same content).

Chapter 1 (Baron, Mist Cave, Mist, Kaipo, Underground Waterway, Sunken Lake, Damcyan Castle)

Chapter 2 (Antlion Cave, Mt Hobs, Fabul Castle)

Chapter 3 (Mysidia, Mt Ordeals, Baron, Old Waterway, Castle Baron)

Chapter 4 (**Optional** Mist, Mythril, Agart, Eblan Castle)

Chapter 5 (Trioa Castle, Magnetic Cave)

Chapter 6 (Tower of Zot, Baron, Agart, Underworld)

Chapter 7 (Dwarf Castle, Babel Tower, Baron/Upgraded Enterprise)

Chapter 8 (Eblan Cave, Tower of Babel, Underworld/Dwarf Castle)

Chapter 9 (Tomra, Sylvan Cave, The Cave of Summons, Land of Summons)

Chapter 10 (Sealed Cavern & Leaving the Underworld)

Chapter 11 (The Moon & Giant of Babel)

Chapter 12 (Cave of Trials)

Chapter 13 (Lunar Subterrane & Final Boss)


Side Quests

FF4 Excalibur Obtained

This section contains a guide for every side quest in Final Fantasy 4. The majority of side quests in this game involve finding alternate summons but there is one side quest that will reward you with one of Cecil's most powerful weapons. Players on the GBA version will have additional side quests consisting of The Cave of Trials, which is covered in Chapter 12 of my walkthrough above.

How to obtain the Asura Summon

How to obtain the Leviathan Summon

How to obtain the Bahamut Summon

How to obtain the Odin Summon

How to obtain the Sylph Summon

How to obtain the Excalibur Weapon