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Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough - Chapter 5 (Trioa Castle - Magnetic Cave)

Troia Castle Location on map

Our next stop is Troia Castle, the spot Kain told us about when we first got the Enterprise ship. You'll find Troia by traveling northwest of Baron, the entire area is covered in thick forests but you can land the Enterprise right next to the town of Troia (pictured above).

Along with a decent amount of treasure there's also someone we need to speak to inside Troia Castle to advance the story forward. If you don't speak to him then you won't be able to beat the next boss. The person I am speaking about is Edward and you can find him in the west tower of Troia Castle. Speaking to Edward will get you the Twin Harp item.

You'll find the Treasure Chests (pictured below) in the east tower of Troia Castle. The "puzzle" to get them is pretty straight forward. The only other thing to do in Troia Castle is to go into the northern most room (follow the red carpet that goes through the central part of the castle) and speak with the eight Clerics.

Troia Castle TreasuresTroia Castle Treasures 2

Troia Castle Treasure Chests:

Bacchus's Cider
Ruby Ring
Ruby Ring


Troia Entrance

Once you're done in Troia Castle exit it and head to Troia, the town. There are a few treasures for us to pick up in this town and also you're going to want to purchase some armor here, even if it is a downgrade. The next dungeon that we're going to do, Magnetic Cave, doesn't allow anyone to wear any sort of metal armor.

Wearing metal armor in Magnetic Cave is a guaranteed Game Over since your characters won't be able to move, escape or do anything except be killed. There is a list below of all the armor and weapons that you can equip inside the Magnetic Cave.

Before we get to that list, let's go over the loot to find in Troia. In the southeastern most portion of Trioa you'll find a staircase that leads into the water, you can follow the river up and around to reach the area shown in my screenshot below.

In the area shown in the screenshot below, you'll find the following treasures:

Dry Ether
1000 Gil

Troia Treasures

That's all for you to find in Troia, as aforementioned if you don't have a lot of non-metallic equipment then you'll want to hit up the Troia Weapon/Armor shop before heading out too. As promised below you'll find a list of all the non-metallic items which you can use in the Magnetic Cave.

Non-metallic Items for Magnetic Cave:

Fire Claw
Thunder Claw
Rod of Change
Healing Staff
Wooden Hammer
Great Bow
All Arrows (Except Iron)
Feathered Cap
Wizard's Hat
Gold Hairpin
Leather Garb
Gaia Gear
Ruby Ring
Everything sold in Troia


Chocobo Forest North of Troia

To reach the Magnetic Cave you'll need to visit the Chocobo Forest north of Troia (pictured above) and grab a Black Chocobo from inside. With the Black Chocobo you won't be able to fly over the mountains and you can only land in a forest. Our destination a tad bit south then east of the Chocobo Forest (pictured below).

Final Warning: Make sure you save outside of the Magnetic Cave as well as check your equipment one last time. If you have anything metal equipped you're not going to be able to use that character during battle. Also if you haven't been following this guide until now and you've yet to go to Troia Castle and speak to Edward - you won't be able to defeat the Dark Elf!

Magnetic Cave LocationMagnetic Cave Entrance


Magnetic Cave B1 Treasure Chests:

Unicorn Horn


Magnetic Cave B2 Treasure Chests:

Ether (Southwestern portion of B2)
2000 Gil (Through a door in the northern portion of B2)
Ether (Through a door in the northern portion of B2)


Magnetic Cave B3 Treasure Chests:

Spider's Silk
Fairy Claw


Magnetic Cave B4 Treasure Chests:

Emergency Exit


Mgnetic Cave Dark ElfMagnetic Cave Magnetic Field Down

The room after Magnetic Cave B4 is the Crystal Room and inside of it you'll see an NPC named "Dark Elf" standing in front of the area that holds the crystal (pictured above). When you speak with him you'll engage him in a battle that you're going to be obliterated in.

Depending on whether or not you spoke to Edward in Troia Castle before visiting the Magnetic Cave determines the outcome of the battle against the Dark Elf. If you spoke with Edward then you'll witness a scene where he plays the harp in his room and saves your party from certain death.

Your party will also take a step back from the fight and you'll have the opportunity to equip everyone with their metal equipment - which you should do... Especially Cecil! Speak with the Dark Elf again to begin the real fight.

The Dark Elf has 23k HP and is only weak to Holy, so it's best that you focus your energy on melee attacks and use Tellah to keep your party alive. When you defeat the Dark Elf it'll transform into the Dark Dragon enemy which is even easier of a boss with only 4k HP. He has an insanely high magic defense so I recommend just whacking him with melee until he's defeated.

Earth Crystal Obtained

With the fight completed make sure you grab the Earth Crystal before leaving the room. Use the Emergency Exit that you found inside of a treasure chest on B4 to teleport outside of the dungeon, then ride the Black Chocobo back to the Chocobo Forest.

Return to Troia and head straight north after entering town until you run into the eight clerics and witness a scene. Kain will interrupt the scene and tell you to board the Enterprise with the Earth Crystal. Before we do that though - there's some treasures for you to collect in the Troia Dungeon!

If you remember the room with three stairs going down return there (in the eastern tower). This time you'll take the left staircase and you'll want to speak with the lady in the basement and tell her the clerics granted your entry.

After you've collected all of the treasures return to Edward's room for an additional scene after which you can leave Troia and board the Enterprise.

Troia Treasure Room

Troia Treasure Room Loot:

Dry Ether
Dry Ether
Silver Apple
Echo Herbs
Echo Herbs
Great Bow
Fire Arrow
Fire Arrow
Ice Arrow
Ice Arrow
Thunder Arrow

When you board the Enterprise there will be another scene with Kain where he meets Cecil in the air and leads you to the Tower of Zot, which is the next dungeon.

Kain Telling you about Tower of Zot




Continue to Chapter 6 (Tower of Zot, Baron, Agart, Underworld)

Return to Chapter 4 (**Optional** Mist, Mythril, Agart, Eblan Castle)








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