Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough - Chapter 6 (Tower of Zot - Underworld)

Tower of Zot panel back to ground level

You begin the Tower of Zot dungeon in the room pictured above. To return to the planet/Troia you'll want to step on the panel that the arrow is pointing to above. Depending on your current levels you may want to hang around the entrance of the Tower of Zot for a little and level up some. This is a really long dungeon and all you have for heals is Cecil and Tellah.

Something you will want to keep in mind is that for this dungeon the treasure chests don't look the same as they have throughout the game. They're light blue boxes now, as if they were covered in ice. Last tip is make sure you have 10+ Phoenix Down items before attempting this dungeon. Tellah has very little HP and he can die in just a few hits. You're probably going to be reviving him a lot throughout this dungeon.


Tower of Zot First Floor Treasure Chests:

Flame Mail


Tower of Zot Second Floor Treasure Chests:

Flame Sword (Chest with monsters in it)


Tower of Zot Fourth Floor Treasure Chests:

Tower of Zot Fourth Floor TreasuresTower of Zot Fourth Floor Treasures 2

Gaia Hammer (Middle Door)
Hell Claw (Left Door)
Fire Shield (Left Door)
Sage's Surplice (Right Door)


Tower of Zot Cottage and tent location
Tent/Cottage point in Tower of Zot.

Shortly after the three rooms with treasure chests you'll come across another area where you can use a Tent/Cottage (pictured above). You'll want to take advantage of this and use a Tent even if you're doing pretty good on HP and mana because there's a boss fight coming up.

When you approach the door that leads to the next floor you'll be ambushed by a little girl. After some dialogue you'll be thrown into a boss fight against Sandy, Cindy and Mindy. For this fight your primary focus will be Cindy since she has the power to revive her teammates.

Sandy is an annoying one too since she will use Reflect on Cindy then blast her own sister with high level magic, thus hitting your group with it. If you're lucky, use Firaga at the start of the battle on Cindy before Reflect hits her to deal very heavy damage. Then finish her off with some melee attacks.

Sandy HP: 2.6k
Cindy HP: 4.6k
Mindy HP: 2.6k

Sandy Cindy and Mindy Boss Battle

**Important** Tellah leaves your party after the upcoming boss fight, unequip any items from him that you do not want to lose.

If you need to heal or want to save after fighting the three sisters then return to the Save Point and use it. There's going to be yet another boss fight coming up so saving now isn't such a bad idea. When you're ready to proceed go through the door that you faught the sisters near to the sixth floor.

You'll have a scene in this room with Tellah, Kain and Rosa after which Tellah leaves your party. When you regain control of Cecil speak with Kain and he'll join your party along with Rosa. Equip both of these characters with any available gear you have, especially Rosa.

Give the Blood Lance from Eblan Castle to Kain and then reorganize your party if needed. Make sure that Cid, Cecil and Yang are in the front row with Kain and Rosa in the back. This is the best party layout if you plan to take advantage of Kain's "Jump" ability; since it does the same amount of damage in the front and back row.

Alternatively if you'd rather just auto attack spam, put Cid and Rosa in the back row as he is very weak and Kain in the first. Once you are done outfitting Rosa and Kain take a single step forward to engage the next boss, Barbariccia.

Barbariccia Boss Battle
Use Kain's 'Jump' on her when she covers herself in a Whirlwind.

The most important thing you need to know for this boss is whenever she cloaks herself in her Whirlwind ability (as pictured above) you'll want to use Kain's Jump ability on her. This will remove her Whirlwind and allow you to start dealing normal damage with your attacks again.

Aside from that this fight is a piece of cake. Just keep chipping away at her HP until finally she goes down. There will be more scenes to follow after which you'll find yourself in Baron. When you regain control of Cecil, before leaving Baron Castle you'll want to raid the treasure chests.

Return to the room that we met Baigan the last time we were here and go up the eastern staircase (pictured below). This will lead you outside the castle before taking you back inside after which you'll be in the other room in the screenshot below on the right.

Baron Castle to TreasuresBaron Castle to Treasures 2


First Set of Treasure Chests:

Unicorn Horn
Unicorn Horn
Phoenix Down
Phoenix Down


East Tower Treasure Chests:

When you're standing in the same room I am in the screenshot on the right above, go out the door at the southern end of the room to find the East Tower. In the bottom of this tower there is also a throne room that will give you a scene when you approach it.

Bacchus's Cider
Bacchus's Cider
Hermes' Shoes
Hermes' Shoes
Elixir (Pot downstairs)
Hi-Potion (Second Floor)
Hi-Potion (Second Floor)
Ether (Third Floor)
Tent (Third Floor)
Tent (Third Floor)


Agart LocationAgart Entrance Area

Once you have all of the treasures in Castle Baron you'll want to exit the castle and board the Enterprise which is conveniently waiting for you right outside. Our next destination is the town of Agart which you've already been to if you've been following my guide this whole time.

To reach Agart you'll want to fly almost directly south of Baron, you'll eventually find a small town next to a mountain (pictured above). This is the town of Agart. Inside the town you'll want to go straight north and inspect the well in the center of town.

Cecil will comment that it looks deep and you'll be prompted to use an item, throw in the Magma Rock that Kain gave you back in Baron for a scene. After which you'll have access to the Underworld. To get to the Underworld you'll want to exit Agart and hop back into the Enterprise.

**Important** Unequip all armor/weapons from Cid, he leaves your party the moment you enter the Dwarf Castle in the Underworld

As you can see in my screenshot below on the right, there is now a huge hole in the mountain near Agart. Land the Enterprise in this hole to proceed to the Underworld.

Throw Magma Rock into WellHole in Mountain to Underworld

There will be a few scenes after arriving in the Underworld after which the Enterprise will crash outside the Dwarf Castle. Before entering the Dwarf Castle it's recommended that you switch Kain and Cid's locations in your group. Since Cid is leaving the party we now want Kain in the front row at all times with Rosa being the only character in the back.

**Important** Unequip all armor/weapons from Cid, he leaves your party the moment you enter the Dwarf Castle

Inside the Dwarf Castle you'll want to go straight north until you reach the throne room. You'll automatically start a scene with the king after which you'll fight a couple of battles against very easy enemies. Heal with Rosa when needed and melee attack with everyone else.

Eventually you'll face off against Golbez and a Shadow Dragon; this isn't a real fight, however. Rydia will join your party (except she's all grown up now!) in the middle of the fight and dispatch the Shadow Dragon with a summon.

Fight against Golbez

Now the "real" fight against Golbez begins. Use a Phoenix Down to revive Rosa then use Life + Hi-Potions on everyone else to get back a fully functional party. To defeat Golbez hit him with a few of Rydia's new summons - he doesn't have much HP at all and you'll most likely defeat him before you even finish reviving party members.

After the fight with Golbez there will be a few more scenes with Rydia explaining how she managed to survive and why she is now an adult. When you finally gain control of Cecil again it'll be time to explore the Dwarf Castle and collect all of the goodies!




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