Where to farm Hobgoblin Meat

Hobgoblin Meat drops from the Hobgoblins in Plane of Nightmare. This is the only place in the entire game that you can farm Hobgoblin Meat and it's only used in a single recipe, Hobgoblin Surprise. In addition to the Hobgoblin Meat the Hobgoblins also drop Midnight Stones and Brick of Nightmare Iron which can be used to raise your other Tradeskills.

Lastly while hunting the Hobgoblins in the cave that's found in northern Plane of Nightmare you will also come across Nightmare Mephits. These drop blood, used with the Midnight Stones mentioned above, in addition to Mephit Meat. The Mephit Meat, like Hobgoblin Meat, is an easy recipe for raising Baking. Though, it won't take you to 300 like Hobgoblin Meat.


Hobgoblin Surprise (Trivial 302)

This is extremely easy to make if you can get your hands on Hobgoblin Meat. Depending on your server you may be able to find a ton of this for sale in The Bazaar or to a commonly used vendor in Plane of Knowledge (like the parcel liason).

1 Brown Gravy

1 Hobgoblin Meat

1 Loaf of Bread

1 Pie Tin



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Hobgoblins - Plane of Nightmare

The above location is the only spot in the entire game that you can farm Hobgoblin Meat. In addition to the Hobgoblin Meat you can also find plenty of Mephit Meat here too since there's tons of Mephits throughout these tunnels.