How to create Brown Gravy

Brown Gravy is an item made through the Baking profession and is an ingredient used in about 6 different Baking recipes. You'll need a Pot in order to make the Brown Gravy but the rest of the items required to make it can be purchased directly from a vendor. My PoP Guides primarily use Brown Gravy in creating Hobgoblin Surprise.

The only item that might give you pause when creating the Brown Gravy is Bear Meat. There's only a few vendors who sell this item, the Ironstove NPCs in PoK sell it as well as Umenon Clotius in East Freeport. Follow the link below for more information on where you can buy the Bear Meat.


Brown Gravy (Trivial 111)

Once you've collected all of the required ingredients you'll want to combine them together in an Oven or a Spit.

1 Bear Meat

1 Bottle Milk

1 Cup of Flour

1 Pot



The only subcombine that you have to do to create Brown Gravy is for the Pot (assuming you don't already have this utensil). In an effort to save some of you a click and some time, the recipe to make a Pot can be found below.


Pot (Trivial 50)

Once you've collected all of the required ingredients combine them together inside of a Forge.

1 Metal Bits

1 Pot Mold

1 Standing Legs Mold

1 Water Flask