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Baking Supplies Merchants

This page contains a list of merchants that sell an assortment of Baking Supplies. There is an NPC on this list for every single race's home town as well as some of the more commonly visited zones, like Plane of Knowledge.

The majority of Baking Items are sold by all of these merchants however Chef Denrun, Culkin Ironstove and Umenon Clotius all have massive inventories with some items that aren't sold elsewhere. Items like Lion Meat, Bear Meat and other goodies.


Most Convenient NPC List

This list not only demonstrates the easiest of these NPCs to find but also the NPCs that sell the most stuff.

#1: Chef Denrun in PoK (Available once CoTF becomes live on your server)
#2: Culkin Ironstove in PoK (Available when PoK goes live)
#3: Umenon Clotius in East Freeport (Available as early as Classic EQ)
#4: Bartle Barnick in Rivervale (Classic EQ)
#5: Chopper Brenga in Grobb (Classic EQ - Evil Races)


Chef Denrun, Culkin Ironstove & Klen Ironstove - Plane of Knowledge Baking Vendors

Klen Ironstove, Culkin Ironstove (not shown here) and Melet Ironstove are all available as early as Planes of Power - the same expansion that PoK goes live during. The other NPC shown in my screen shots above, Chef Denrun, is unavailable until the CoTF expansion pack.

These vendors sell basically every that is sold by vendors and used in the Baking profession. Chef Denrun has additional goodies which the others do not but not everyone can use him since he isn't available until so late in the game.


Umenon Clotius - East Freeport

Umenon Clotius is one of the few merchants that's available as early as Classic Everquest and that's fully stocked with basically every goody you'd need for Baking. This guy even sells stuff like Bear Meat, Lion Meat and other hard to find Baking Supplies.

Bartle Barnick - Rivervale Baking Supplies


a clockwork baker - Ak'anon Baking Supplies

You'll find this guy in a hut out on the lake in the southern central portion of Ak'anon. He's on Find if you're having trouble finding him.


Serenica Greenfinger - Northern Felwithe (Baking Supplies)

This NPC is found in the northern portion of Felwithe. She's on Find if you're still having trouble finding her.


Niz L`Crit - Neriak Commons (Baking Supplies)


Klok Sweetzie - East Cabilis (Baking Supplies)

Chopper Brenga - Grobb (Baking Supplies)


Sissia - Halas (Baking Supplies)



Sissia - 1sp