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Where to farm Mephit Meat

Mephit Meat drops from mephit or jopal enemies in a couple of different zones throughout the Planes of Power expansion pack. There's one exception to this, enemies in Bastion of Thunder called stormriders also drop Mephit Meat despite looking nothing like any of the other Mephit enemies throughout PoP.

Additionally, the location in Bastion of Thunder is arguably the best location for you to farm solely Mephit Meat. Players on the TLPs will be able to hunt here without being raid geared and without needing any elemental flags (assuming you're high enough level). Aside from Bastion of Thunder I recommend Plane of Nightmare for Mephit Meat farming.


Mephit Sandwich 190 - 276

This is a fairly easy for players to complete during the Planes of Power era. Mephit Meat is a very common drop from the Stormrider enemies in Bastion of Thunder which is one of the most frequented PoP zones. If you can't farm it yourself you'd probably be able to get it cheap out of The Bazaar or by setting up a buyer.

This recipe must be completed in a Tanaan Oven.

1 Dressing

Meat1 Mephit Meat

1 Loaf of Bread


Stormriders - Bastion of Thunder

This area is imo the best location for you to farm Mephit Meat. There are tons of stormriders down here and all of them have a fairly good chance of dropping Mephit Meat. You'll average about 100 Mephit Meat every few hours if you clear just one of the four boxes shown above.


Mephits & Hobgoblins - Plane of Nightmare

The next best location for you to farm Mephit Meat is in northern Plane of Nightmare. In fact, this is a better location than the one in Bastion of Thunder if you're just looking for ingredients to raise Baking... The reason for this is because the Hobgoblins that you find in Plane of Nightmare drop Hobgoblin Meat which can be used to raise Baking all the way to 300.