How to create a Muffin Tin

A Muffin Tin is one of the many different utensils created through Smithing (or Pottery) that's used in tons of different Baking combines. I'm going to go over the way to make this item through Smithing on this page despite the fact that it can be made with either Smithing or Pottery.


Muffin Tin (Trivial 35)

Once you have all the ingredients gathered together combine them in a Forge.

Ceramic Lining1 Ceramic Lining

1 Metal Bits

1 Muffin Tin Mold

1 Water Flask


To save you some time clicking around I have included a list of materials and how to make the Ceramic Lining and Metal Bits below. If you need more details than what are provided below I recommend that you follow the links for the items that are shown above.


Ceramic LiningUnfired Ceramic Lining (Trivial 36)

Once you have all the required ingredients combine them in a Pottey Wheel to receive your Unfired Ceramic Lining.

1 Ceramic Lining Sketch

1 Small Block of Clay

1 Water Flask


Ceramic LiningCeramic Lining (Trivial 17)

Unlike the previous combine that we did in the Pottery Wheel, you'll want to perform this combine inside of a Kiln.

Ceramic Lining1 Unfired Ceramic Lining

1 Quality Firing Sheet


Metal Bits (Trivial 18)

You'll want to purchase both of these items from a Smithing Supplies vendor and combine them in a Forge.

1 Water Flask

2 Small Piece of Ore