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Smithing Supplies Merchants

This page contains a list of merchants that sell an assortment of Smithing Supplies. There is an NPC on this list for every single race's home town as well as some of the more commonly visited zones, like Plane of Knowledge.

The majority of Smithing Items are sold by all of these merchants however the Smithing Supplies merchants in both Plane of Knowledge and East Freeport have the most expansive inventories there are. If you can't find an item you need in your home town it's very likely that it's sold by one of these guys instead.


Most Convenient NPC List

This list not only demonstrates the easiest of these NPCs to find but also the NPCs that sell the most stuff.

#1: Blacksmith Gerta in PoK (Requires CoTF expansion pack)
#2: Borik Darkanvil in PoK (Available once PoP goes live)
#3: Eriel Skelytia in East Freeport (Good Races - Classic EQ)
#4: Kyrin Steelbone in West Freeport (Good Races - Classic EQ)
#5: Okun in Grobb (Evil Races - Classic EQ)


Blacksmith Gerta & Borik Darkanvil - PoK (Smithing Supplies)

Borik Darkanvil is one of the Smithing Supplies vendors that was added into the game during the Planes of Power expansion pack, so, immediately when Plane of Knowledge goes live on your server. There are additional Smithing Supply NPCs inside the same building that Borik is in. Use Find if you're having trouble locating him.

The other NPC shown above is Blacksmith Gerta who won't be added into the game until during the Call of the Forsaken expansion pack.


Eriel Skelytia - East Freeport (Smithing Supplies)



Kyrin Steelbone - West Freeport (Smithing Supplies)



Bloarn Norkhitter - North Kaladim (Smithing Supplies)



Glazn D`Unnar - Neriak Commons (Smithing Supplies)


Bedida Claygrinder - Felwithe (Smithing Supplies)


a clockwork miner - Ak'anon (Smithing Supplies)


Blergerda - Oggok (Smithing Supplies)



Bodbin Gimple - Rivervale (Smithing Supplies)



Klok Toren - East Cabilis (Smithing Supplies)



Okun - Grobb (Smithing Supplies)


Shinan Orefinder - Erudin (Smithing Supplies)


April - Halas (Smithing Supplies)