How to create Ceramic Lining

Ceramic Lining is used as an ingredient in Pottery and Smithing to make different utensils that are used in the Baking profession. It has some other uses than creating utensils but not many. Making Ceramic Lining is a bit of a pain in the butt too. First we need to make an Unfired Ceramic Lining with a Pottery Wheel.


Ceramic LiningUnfired Ceramic Lining (Trivial 36)

Once you have all the required ingredients combine them in a Pottey Wheel to receive your Unfired Ceramic Lining.

1 Ceramic Lining Sketch

1 Small Block of Clay

1 Water Flask


With the Unfired Ceramic Lining in hand you'll want to now purchase a Quality Firing Sheet which is then going to be combined with the Unfired Ceramic Lining inside of a Kiln. This combine also uses Pottery, however, the Trivial requirement is about half the previous combine.


Ceramic LiningCeramic Lining (Trivial 17)

Unlike the previous combine that we did in the Pottery Wheel, you'll want to perform this combine inside of a Kiln.

Ceramic Lining1 Unfired Ceramic Lining

1 Quality Firing Sheet