Ust Natha Tavern Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Ust Natha Tavern Overview

The Tavern is one of the smaller maps located in Ust Natha but it is one you'll be visiting frequently during the Inside The Drow City side quest during Chapter 5. Phaere will often ask you to meet her here between missions while on that side quest. Keep in mind that you will only be able to interact with the NPCs inside this tavern while you're under the effects of the Drow Illusion that Adalon gives you during the Inside The Drow City and The Drow Summoning Ritual side quests. Visiting this tavern at any other time will result in everyone being hostile and attacking you.

Inside the tavern the 3 most important people are Sondal and Szordrin who run the battle arenas and the Drow Bartender who runs the Inn. While you're going through the long quest chain that takes place in Ust Natha I strongly recommend you knock out both of the battle arenas for the EXP they give.


Sondal: Sondal runs one of the 2 battle arenas inside of the Tavern. Unlike with Szordrin all of the battles you have will need to be done solo and most of the battles you'll also have to use a mage party member to participate in them. The first fight Sondal offers you is against Lasaonar who will give you 30k EXP and Blade of Searing +3 once defeated. Your next battle will be against a Drow Mage for 6k EXP then against Chalinthra for 12k EXP. The last 2 battles will both be against Drow mages one for 8k EXP and the final one for 11k EXP.

Szordrin: This fighting arena you will be pitted against monsters rather than Drow. Your first fight will be against an Umber Hulk for 4k EXP, the second fight is against a Nabassu for 16k EXP, third fight is against a Sahuagin Prince for 2k EXP and the last fight is against a Beholder for 14k EXP. Winning these fights will get you a small amount of gold too.

Innkeeper: The Drow Bartender is who you'll need to speak to for regular Inn services. You can find him on the raised platform above the battle arena that Szordrin operates.

Phaere & Solaufein: Here you'll find both Phaere and Solaufein during parts of the Inside The Drow City side quest. When they ask you to meet them inside the tavern this is where they will be waiting.