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Trademeet Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Trademeet Overview

Trademeet is one of the first towns other than Athkatla that you're able to visit in the game. In order to unlock Trademeet on your World Map you'll want to speak with Flydian in the City Gates map and accept the Animal Trouble in Trademeet side quest. You can find 2 potential companions in Trademeet, Cernd and Rasaad.

Aside from the 2 companions you can find here there are numerous vendors that will sell you magical items and Scrolls that you can't buy anywhere else. In order to access the vendors in Trademeet you'll first have to complete the Dealing With the Trademeet Genies side quest; until this quest is complete you'll only be able to buy and sell to the Genies which rip you off and don't have much of value.



Genie Tent: You can start the Dealing with the Trademeet Genies by talking with the Genies in this tent. Also, you can pickpocket an Efreeti Bottle from Taquee in this tent as well. It's a unique item that you can only get from this one NPC in the game.

Merchants: Once you have completed the Dealing with the Trademeet Genies side quest Trademeet will resume its normal operations and you'll be able to find numerous vendors throughout this area. Some of their good items include Belt of Inertial Barrier, Blackblood +3, Tansheron's Bow and Cloak of Displacement.

Mayor's House: Inside this building you'll find High Merchant Coprith who is the mayor of this town and also the person you need to speak to at the start of the Animal Trouble in Trademeet quest. You'll also find Cernd in the basement of this building who is a potential companion.

Rasaad: When you first see Rasaad here it will be a cinematic with him and 2 other monks. Once you have seen this scene Rasaad will approach you shortly after in the city and you'll be given the option of recruiting him and helping him on his quest. I'd recommend you take Rasaad temporarily to unlock the Abandoned Amphitheater and Heretic Temple World Map Locations; you'll unlock both during Rasaad's Companion Quest.

Dueling Families: After being named the Heroes of Trademeet you'll have a ceremony at High Merchant Coprith's house where you'll be approached by 2 of the important families of Trademeet who will both tell you to come speak with them at their residence. It doesn't matter which family you talk to, both of them will start The Dueling Families of Trademeet quest.

Tiris' House: This building is involving in the Helping Tiris in Trademeet side quest. In order for this quest to trigger you'll have to be named the Heroes of Trademeet and you'll have to have completed the Solve the Skinner Murders in the Bridge District side quest. Once both of these conditions are met you'll be approached in Trademeet by a woman named Jenia who will begin the quest involving this building.

Mazzy Fentan's House: You'll visit this location during Mazzy's Companion Quest. There isn't much else to note here otherwise.