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Abandoned Amphitheater Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Abandoned Amphitheater Overview

The Abandoned Amphitheater is one of the zones added into the game for the Enhanced Edition and is involved in Rasaad's Journey which is his companion quest. Our main objective on this map is going to be visiting the Amphitheater in the top right portion and learning the location of Heretic Temple on the World Map.

You can infiltrate the cult incognito if you'd like and learn more about it through a bunch of dialogue or you can run in and take everyone out through combat. If you choose the combat option make sure you look the note from Hammerhelm that unlocks Heretic Temple on your World Map.


Geld: When you first approach Geld he'll offer to show you the safe route through the forest if you pay him 5000G; arguing with him will drop the price to 2500G. The only thing that changes if you pay Geld is all of the traps will be disabled and he will not attack you later on.

Geld 2: Failing to pay Geld will result in him ambushing you here along with about a dozen animals. All in all it shouldn't be too difficult of a fight unless you're very low level.

Amphitheater: This is where the main event of this map will take place. You have 2 options, you can go incognito and pretend to be a follower of the cult or you can go in and smash everything. Hammerhelm is the main boss of this area and he will drop a note you need to pick up if you take the smash things route. This note will unlock Heretic Temple on your World Map which is the next location. The peaceful route will unlock this location through dialogue.

Adventurers: Here you will find a group of adventurers arguing over a belt. Much like with the Amphitheater I strongly recommend the smash route, these guys are absolutely loaded with magical items and we want all of them. I've compiled a list of who drops what below. As far as the other option of dealing with these guys... You can pick someone to give the belt to and it will result in one person attacking you and the rest of the NPCs walking away. Who you give the belt to changes who attacks you and how much EXP you get, it's all quite trivial if you ask me. Just attack them all.

Below is a list of all the loot you can find by attacking this group of adventurers as well as who drops what

Aldun: Knave's Robe, Ox-Tail Belt, Dagger +1

Jaden: Lupine Sling

Dalton: Splint Mail +1, Ring of Duplication, Composite Longbow +1

Hojar: Hojar's Fame, Chain Mail +1

Cless: Studded Leather Armor +1, Scimitar +1, Brooch of the Vagrant Blades, Belt of Minor Invulnerability



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