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Animal Trouble in Trademeet - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quest

Animal Trouble in Trademeet Quest Start

The Animal Trouble in Trademeet side quest begins in the City Gates District of Athkatla. In the middle of this very small map you'll find a man named Flydian who will give you this quest when you agree to help him. Once you accept this side quest Trademeet will be added to your World Map as a destination that you can fast travel to and you're able to visit whenever you want.

When you first arrive in Trademeet you'll witness a battle between forest animals and the guards of Trademeet. After the event is finished you'll be tasked with speaking to High Merchant Coprith inside his house, it's marked on the map if you're having trouble finding it. There will be some dialogue with him after which he'll send you to speak with Cernd, one of the druids they recently "captured". You can find Cernd in the basement of High Merchant Coprith's house.

Once you speak with Cernd he'll offer to join your party and unlock the next destination, Druid Grove on your World Map. When you exit High Merchant Coprith's house you may be stopped by Lord Khellon Menold. You'll have to have low enough Reputation and your main character can not be a Druid. Lord Khellon Menold will ask you to kill all of the Druids at the grove and to poison the forest. This will mess up future quests from Trademeet and cost you a decent amount of EXP so I don't recommend it - even if you are Evil.

Druid Grove Cernd Quest

There are 2 important things for us to do at the Druid's Grove. Our primary objective is going to involve visiting the stronghold in the northwestern portion of this area that's currently being run by Faldorn. However, there is another location that you should visit on this map called Adratha's Cottage. Here you'll find a potion merchant named Adratha who is actually the Rakshasa that the Trademeet Genies are looking for.

If you're currently on the Dealing With The Trademeet Genies side quest then you'll be able to kill Adratha right now and return her head at the same time you turn in this quest. Check out my quest entry for that side quest if you'd like to learn more about it. Shortly after passing Adratha's Cottage you'll find Cernd if you didn't add him to your party earlier. Talk to him here then defeat the Druids out front before heading inside.

You have 2 ways of dealing with Faldorn, the first method is to straight up kill her and the other Druids here but as aforementioned this won't go over well with almost anyone. The only method that I would recommend is to have a Druid in your party have a 1v1 duel with no items, equipment or weapons (aside from a Quarterstaff) against Faldorn. Cernd is the best option for this because he is a Shapeshifter and can turn into a Greater Wolfwere which will tear Faldorn to shreds in an instant.

A few tips for you, if you drop your equipment or potions near the arena then you can pick them up on the Druid that gets teleported inside of the arena. You can also just open the inventory and hand the Druid items once they get teleported into the arena and the event starts. Also, if you use Cernd to beat Faldorn then you won't receive the Staff of Thunder and Lightning +2 as a reward from Verthan after Faldorn is defeated. I don't think this is a big deal since this Quarterstaff is basically vendor trash anyway (plus you get one in Spellhold if you really want to use it).

Cernd Fighting Faldorn

If your main character is a Druid then Verthan will offer you this building as your Druid Stronghold, for more information check my Druid Stronghold page. Otherwise, return to Trademeet and turn this quest in! You'll get 18k EXP for every character in your party and High Merchant Coprith will send you to Guildmistress Busya to begin the Dealing With The Trademeet Genies side quest.

When you finish both of these quests you'll be named the Hero of Trademeet and you'll get some statues erected in your honor. This will unlock additional 2 side quests for you, Helping Tiris in Trademeet and The Dueling Families of Trademeet.

Evil Route: Those of you who plan to go the evil route and poison this entire grove what you'll want to do is follow the stream northeast when you're inside the Druid Stronghold and click on the pool of water that's here. Any Druids or good members of your party will immediately become hostile and attack you when you do this. Faldorn will become vulnerable now that the grove is poisoned and you'll be able to quickly take her out along with the other Druids here. Return to Lord Khellon Menold at Vyatri's Pub in Trademeet and he'll reward you with Shield of Harmony +2 and 1000 Gold. Merchant Coprith will refuse to talk with you further and you'll never be able to complete Helping Tiris in Trademeet or The Dueling Families of Trademeet side quests.