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Dealing With The Trademeet Genies - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quest

Dealing With the Trademeet Genies Quest Start

Dealing with the Trademeet Genies is one of the 2 primary side quests that you can complete in Trademeet. When you complete this quest and Animal Trouble in Trademeet you will be named the Heroes of Trademeet which will open up access to other quests that I will talk about later.

In order to start this quest you will want to speak with Khan Zahraa, one of the genies that is currently residing in Trademeet. You can find Khan in the genie tent that is marked on your map in the southern portion of town. If you need help finding this tent or any other locations in Trademeet I recommend you check out my Trademeet Overview page for more information.

Note: You can pick pocket an Efreeti Bottle from one of the genies named Taquee. This is a unique item that you can only obtain from this NPC. Once you complete this quest the item will become unobtainable forever.

Technically all you need to do for this quest is make the genies leave Trademeet. You can achieve this by simply killing their leader, Khan Zahraa, or you can complete an easy task for Khan which will result in the genies leaving peacefully and you getting more EXP.

Adrathas Cottage in Druid Grove

Khan's task involves hunting down an Ihtafeer and returning the head to him. You can find the Ihtafeer enemy that he is talking about on the Druid Grove map. In the northeastern portion of this map you will find a building that's marked "Adratha's Cottage". This building is also shown in the screenshot above so you know exactly what I am talking about.

Since we are currently on this quest Adratha will attack us immediately when we talk to her inside of her house. For this reason I recommend you take some time buffing up and preparing before interacting with her, don't forget to save too! If you're not on this quest when you talk to Adratha she will sell you potions and act like a regular old vendor.

When you engage Adratha she'll summon 2 more enemies in to assist her which are just as powerful as her. Our biggest disadvantage to overcome in this fight is going to be the AoE attacks that these enemies use. The room is very small which makes it difficult to avoid the AoE attacks if they go off in the middle.

Adratha Fight in Druid Grove

Once Adratha is defeated make sure to loot the Ihtafeer head that she drops, this is what we'll be returning to Khan. When you return to Trademeet and give the head to Khan you'll be rewarded with 10k EXP as well as Rashad's Talon. The genies will leave town and all that is left for this quest will be to speak with Guildmistress Busya as well as High Merchant Coprith. Busya will give you Shield of Harmony, gems and some money, Coprith will give you EXP Reputation and more money.

Completion of this quest will unlock all of the Trademeet merchants as well - check them out because they have some great items! Also, if you finished Animal Trouble in Trademeet earlier then completion of this quest will have you named the Heroes of Trademeet. This will unlock the Helping Tiris in Trademeet and The Dueling Families of Trademeet side quests.