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Diablo 2 Farming Guides & Locations

Blizz Sorceress Ancient Tunnels Farming

This page contains a list of all the best farming locations in Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. Unless otherwise stated, each guide on this page is made for Hell difficulty and it assumes you're farming at end game looking for non-twink items. You may notice that the majority of locations on this page are the 'level 85' Hell zones, which are arguably the best locations to farm in the game.

If you're someone who is just getting back into Diablo 2 and you need information about where to farm so you can prepare for Hell difficulty and the locations mentioned on this page, that's easy. Nightmare Andariel and Nightmare Mephisto are the only two locations you'll want to heavily farm for gear in Nightmare. If you need High Runes for Runewords early on, then I recommend you do The Countess in Nightmare as well.

For the most part those are the only 3 locations you'll want to do on Nightmare difficulty. Andariel is the best place on Nightmare to farm Stone of Jordans (along with a few other items) but Mephisto is the location you'll want to farm for all of your pre-hell gear. If you use the moat trick to farm Mephisto too the risk will be extremely low and the reward very high. For more information about the moat trick check out my Mephisto guide below.

What Makes A Farming Location Good:

1. High Quality Drops
2. High Monster Level
3. High Monster Density (best for Runes)

All of the locations on this page typically meet at least two of the above criteria, usually all three. Depending on what you are farming for you may want less or more mob density; high mob density only really helps for Runes or if you're looking for any high level or unique set item. If you're specifically targeting the best items in the game then you'll only want to focus on mobs with a level of 87 (which can only be found in the level 85 Hell zones mentioned below).

If you'd like to learn more about Treasure Class and farming the level 85 Hell zones I recommend you read my Magic Find Guide. That page goes over most of the information you should know when it comes to farming in Diablo 2. Each of the Farming Locations below are separated by the Act that it involves to make navigation easier. Click on whatever location you'd like to learn more about to be taken to a page specifically about it.


Act 1



Secret Cow Level

The Catacombs

The Countess

The Pit Level 1 & 2

Andariel Boss Farming Guide


Act 2

Ancient Tunnels

Arcane Sanctuary

Maggot Lair Lv 3

Duriel Boss Farming Guide


Act 3

Durance of Hate

Forgotten Temple

Lower Kurast Gold Farming

Lower Kurast Super Chest Farming

Ruined Fane & Disused Reliquary

The Sewers


Mephisto Boss Farming Guide


Act 4

Outer Steppes

City of the Damned

Plains of Despair

River of Flame

Chaos Sanctuary

Diablo Boss Farming Guide


Act 5

Frigid Highlands (Shenk & Eldritch)


Halls of Pain & Halls of Anguish

Nihlathak & Halls of Vaught

World Stone Keep Level 1, 2 and 3

Baal Boss Farming Guide