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Duriel (Act 2) Farming Guide - Diablo 2

Tal Rashas Chamber Entrance

How to Reach: Canyon of the Magi (WP) > Tal Rasha's Tomb > Tal Rasha's Chamber
Zone Level: Nightmare: 49 -- Hell: 80
Golden Chest: No
Boss/Champ Packs: None
Hell Immunities: None

Duriel is probably one of the least farmed bosses in the game largely due to the fact that you have to jump through hoops to farm him once you've completed Act 2. When you complete Act 2 you'll no longer be able to check which Tomb of Tal Rasha is the real one in your quest log which means finding Duriel is much more annoying/difficult.

The only way to figure out which Tomb of Tal Rasha is the real one once you've defeated Duriel is to travel back to where you killed The Summoner in Arcane Sanctuary. The Summoner has a set of symbols behind him (pictured below); the true Tomb of Tal Rasha's symbol is always missing from the floating symbols. In the case of the screenshot below, you can tell that the one missing is the one I am standing right next to with a circle on top and a half circle below.

Symbols By The Summoner in Arcane Sanctuary

Tomb of Tal Rasha Markings

If you are having trouble remembering all of the symbols, use the markings on the ground next to Horazon's Journal (pictured above). All 7 symbols are shown on the ground here, all you have to do is cross reference and check to see which one is missing to determine the true Tomb of Tal Rasha.

Once you discover the correct mark that will lead you to the true Tomb of Tal Rasha you're done here. Use Horazon's Journal to open a portal to the Canyon of the Magi (that's the fastest way there) and start your search for the Tomb of Tal Rasha that you're looking for! (At least we don't need to make the Horadric Staff this time)

Duriel On Hell

Duriel is one of the more straight forward bosses of the game. If you don't already have a strategy in place I recommend you check out my Act 2 Quest 6: The Seven Tombs guide. That guide has information about Duriel that this one does not. General strategy advice for bosses in Diablo 2: Buy an ass load of Potions and if you need to drop them on the floor in Duriel's room so that you can easily pick them up during the fight and they're added to your Potion Belt.

Tip: Thawing Potions work on the chill that Duriel puts on you but Cold Resistance does not.