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Mausoleum Act 1 Farming Location - Diablo 2

Entrance to Mausoleum

How to Reach: Cold Plains (WP) > Burial Grounds > Mausoleum
Zone Level: Nightmare: 37 - Hell: 85
Golden Chest: Yes
Boss/Champ Packs: 4 - 5
Hell Immunities: Lightning (Zombies, Skeletons)

The Mausoleum and the Crypt are two optional dungeons that you can find right off of the Burial Grounds zone very early during Act 1. Mausoleum is the first zone you'll encounter in Hell difficulty that has a zone level of 85 which is something very important when it comes to farming items. If you're unsure of the significance of a level 85 zone I recommend reading my Magic Finding guide; for more information about this.

Just outside the entrance to the Mausoleum you'll find Blood Raven which is a super unique that's involved in the second quest of Act 1. It's up to you if you'd like to kill her before clearing the Mausoleum, if you're farming the Mausoleum solely because it's a level 85 area on Hell then you may wanna skip Blood Raven as she doesn't carry the same Treasure Class the monsters in Mausoleum do.

Additionally, right next to the Mausoleum you'll find another dungeon called the Crypt. This dungeon is not the same level as the Mausoleum but it is still a significantly higher Area Level than the other zones around it in Act 1. People who farm The Mausoleum solely because it has an Area Level of 85 usually skip the Crypt. If you're someone who is still under geared and under leveled and you aren't looking for the best in slot items--just an easier area to farm, then it won't matter as much to you that the Crypt has a lower Area Level.

Diablo 2 Mausoleum Map
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As for the Mausoleum itself, it's pretty small and all of the enemies here are undead, those with bonus damage to undead will excel at this location for that reason. Ontop of it having an Area Level of 85, this zone is also a part of Act 1 which means it is significantly easier than most of the other 85 Area Levels in the game. This is arguably the main reason people farm Crypt and Mausoleum.

Since the only default Immunity that you'll encounter throughout this zone on Hell is for Lightning it will be an annoying place to farm for Lightning Sorcs, Javalin Amazons or Trap Assassins. Of course Champ/Boss packs may spawn with additional immunities other than Lightning too; but not the regular enemies.