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Ruined Fane & Disused Reliquary (Act 3) Farming Guide - Diablo 2

The Ruined Fane EntranceThe Disused Reliquary Entrance

How to Reach: Travincal (WP) > Kurast Causeway > The Ruined Fane & Disused Reliquary
Zone Level: Nightmare: 54 -- Hell: 85
Golden Chest: No
Boss/Champ Packs: 1 - 2 In each zone
Hell Immunities: Fire (Blood Diver), Cold (Flesh Archer & Serpent Magus), Lightning (Bone Scarab)

You can find both of these zones across from one another in the Kurast Causeway, closest to the Travinical Waypoint. Kurast Causeway is the short zone that connects Upper Kurast to the Travinical and on either side of the bridge connecting these two zones is where you'll find the Ruined Fane and the Disused Reliquary. A screenshot can be found below showing this in much more detail.

Both of these zones are level 85 which means they have a chance of dropping the items in the highest Treasure Class in the game. For more information on this I recommend reading my Diablo 2 Magic Find Guide. Another thing worth mentioning is that each of these zones are extremely small, usually only a half dozen rooms max and they have a chance of spawning 1 or 2 Champ/Boss packs.

Since these dungeons are so small, typically people farm them at the start of Travincal High Council runs or at the start of Durance of Hate Runs (if they choose to do the Travincal High Council at the start of the Durance of Hate run). Alternatively it isn't uncommon to swing past these two zones and clear them once you've completed your main farming location before you reset the game, similarly to the Shenk and Eldritch location in Act 5.

Disused Reliquary and Ruined Fane Map Locations
Disused Reliquary & Ruined Fane Map Locations.

Disused Reliquary Map With Enemies
Disused Reliquary Map with mobs on it (Orange = Champ/Boss & Red = Regular Mob).

Ruined Fane Map With Enemies
Ruined Fane Map with mobs on it (Orange = Champ/Boss & Red = Regular).

As you can see from the screenshots above, these zones are tiny and it would not be difficult to clear the entire zone in under a minute. Each zone is also guaranteed to have at least one Champ/Boss pack spawn inside of it but I typically always see at least two.

Unless you are farming these zones specifically for the Champ/Boss packs I recommend you check the light-colored skull piles each time you go through Disused Reliquary (pictured below). I've noticed that these piles drop much more than the other ones around them and are typically worth messing with if you have a lot of Gold Find.

Disused Reliquary Light Skull Pile
Light colored Skull Pile mixed in with dark Rock Piles.

Serpent MagusMob Alert: Serpent Magus without a doubt is the main enemy you'll want to watch out for in this zone. Their regular attacks drain your mana and have a chance to chill you on each strike. They also have a short range charge attack that will momentarily stun your character.