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Outlands Exploration Achievement Guide

Explore Shadowmoon ValleyExplore Shadowmoon Valley: Explore all of Shadowmoon Valley.

Explore NetherstormExplore Netherstorm: Explore all of Netherstorm..

Explore Blade's Edge MountainsExplore Blade's Edge Mountains: Explore all of Blade's Edge Mountains.

Explore NagrandExplore Nagrand: Explore all of Nagrand.

Explore Terokkar ForestExplore Terokkar Forest: Explore all of Terokkar Forest.

Explore ZangarmarshExplore Zangarmarsh: Explore all of Zangarmarsh.

Explore Hellfire PeninsulaExplore Hellfire Peninsula: Explore all of Hellfire Peninsula.

Medium RareMedium Rare: Kill one of the extremely rare and hard to find Outland creatures listed below. Since Outlands is no longer the "Main place" to be anymore finding any of these rare mobs will be easier. Pick one of the names, look them up on wowhead and go look for them. If they aren't their find another go look him up rinse and repeat. It's how I usually go about finding one.

Bloody Rare Achievement Guide

Bloody RareBloody Rare: Kill all of the extremely rare and hard to find Outland creatures listed below. Unlike the other achievement, you will have to find and kill ALL of the rare monsters. I've split this one achievement into two sections. The first will cover how to fly over each zone specifically looking for the mobs. The second will cover each rare mob individually. Use the section that best suites you.

Fulgorge, Mekthorg the Wild and Vorakem Doomspeaker in Hellfire
Marticar, Bog Lurker and Coilfang Emissary in Zangarmarsh
Crippler, Doomsayer Jurim and Okrek in Terokkar
Goretooth and Voidhunter Yar in Nagrand
Morcrush, Hemathion and Speaker Mar'grom in Blade's Edge
Nuramoc, Ever-Core the Punisher and Chief Engineer Lorthander in Netherstorm
Collidus the Warp-Watcher, Kraator and Ambassador Jerrikar in Shadowmoon

- Ambassador Jerrikar
- Bog Lurker
- Chief Engineer Lorthander
- Coilfang Emissary
- Collidus the Warp-Watcher
- Crippler
- Doomsayer Jurim
- Ever-Core the Punisher
- Fulgorge
- Goretooth
- Hemathion
- Kraator
- Marticar
- Mekthorg the Wild
- Morcrush
- Nuramoc
- Okrek
- Speaker Mar'grom
- Voidhunter Yar
- Vorakem Doomspeaker





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