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Skies of Arcadia Legends: Discovery Locations 81 - 89

This page covers Discovery Locations 81 - 89. These are the last Discovery Locations available to a player in Skies of Arcadia: Legends. As with the previous page not all of these locations are found towards the end of the game as you might imagine.

Once you complete one of these discoveries don't forget to return to a Sailor's Guild and sell the Discovery Information you acquired to them. Depending on the discovery you made it usually will net you a decent amount of Gold.

If you wait too long though another Pirate will make the discovery which greatly devalues how much the Sailor's Guild will pay you when you make it.



81th Discovery Location - Stone Lovers

Stone Lovers Discovery LocationStone Lovers Discovery Map Location

Fly over to Yafutoma and lower your ships altitude to Lower Sky. Once you've done this fly a very short distance to the west and you'll find a small rock with grass on top. The Stone Lovers is found here.



82th Discovery Location - Deep Iron Star

Deep Iron Star Discovery Map LocationDeep Iron Star Discovery

While still around Yafutoma you'll wanna head down south - past the Guardian Wall. The Deep Iron Star discovery is a small metal airplane that flies in a large square between Yafutoma & The Guardian Wall and the Dark Rift. In all honesty it's not too difficult to spot considering it always flies at the same altitude in Lower Sky and there's a small metal sliver that pertrudes all the way up almost into Mid Sky attached to the plane.


83th Discovery Location - Sky Train

Sky Train Discovery LocationSky Train Discovery Map Locations

For this discovery location you'll want to travel to the Temple of Pyrynn and raise your ships altitude until you're in Upper Sky. The easiest way for you to get the Sky Train is to face south while you're here then save your game and reset.

Load your data and start flying directly south - you'll see the Sky Train in the distance as a little black bar. I strongly recommend that you use this trick to find it as it's extremely hard to find otherwise considering it has such a large pathing distance.


84th Discovery Location - Flying Flail

Flying Flail PictureFlying Flail Discovery

This one has a huge radius that it patrols through the sky. It starts around the thick dark rift on the western end of the map and goes all the way across the Valuan continent; even over top Mount Kazai. This is one of the more difficult Discovery Locations in the game primarily because it moves extremely fast and is extremely small.

When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a giant tadpole swimming through the sky. Above, the screen shot on the left is an example of how small it is - the screen shot on the right is the enlarged version so you actually know what it is you're looking for.

On my map below I have marked the entire path that the Flying Flail roams. Instead of actually chasing it down, what I recommend you do instead is the Save Game/Reset method. To do this you'll want to travel to the Ancient Palace Discovery Location (#24) in Valuan Territory, face west and save your game before reseting your console.

Load your saved game and in about 10 seconds you'll spot the Flying Flail coming straight towards you.

Flying Flail Discovery Map Location


85th Discovery Location - Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Discovery LocationRolling Stone Discovery Map Location

The Rolling Stone Discovery Location shares a very similar flight path as The Ghost Ship Discovery Location #56. You can either wander around looking for it yourself (it's a big flying black ball) or use the save game trick to locate it in a jiffy.

If you want to use the save game trick then position yourself below Ryu-kan's Island facing north before saving your game and reseting your console. Once you load back into the game head north until you reach the impassable rift. This is where you'll find the Rolling Stone discovery coming from the east.



86th Discovery Location - Deep Snow

Deep Snow Discovery LocationDeep Snow Discovery Map Location

Head on over to Southern Cross (Discovery Location #48) and position yourself next to it in Lower Sky. From here you'll want to travel directly west - you'll find a small geyser shooting up water (or snow) at the bottom of the cloud ceiling in Lower Sky. This is the Deep Snow Discovery Location.


87th Discovery Location - Long Line

Long Line Discovery LocationLong Line Discovery Map Location

You can find the Long Line Discovery Location just southwest of the Ice Lands and a little bit into the Looper Lands. It has a fairly small path that it roams back and forth between the Ice Lands and Looper Lands (blocks 4 and 5 at the top left of the map).


88th Discovery Location - Moon Hamachou

Moon Hamachou Discovery Location

This Discovery is rewarded to you as a result of completing the Skies of Arcadia: Legends Moonfish side quest. There are a total of 24 Moonfish in the entire game and none of them are in a place that can't be accessed at all times. This means that yes, you can go back right now and collect all 24 if you haven't to get this Discovery Location.


89th Discovery Location - Golden Hamachou


For the 89th and final Discovery Location you have to do a whole buttload of crap.


- Find and report every Discovery Location
- Defeat all four Giant Monsters (Ship Battles)
- Win more than 12 non story Ship Battles
- Recruit all available crew members
- Complete the Moonfish & Piastol side quests and view their final scene
- Complete every Wanted Battle and collect all bounties
- Kill more than 2,500 enemies
- Open 90% of the games Treasure Chests










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