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Skies of Arcadia Legends: Discovery Locations 1 - 10

This page covers the first 10 Discoveries of the game which are also some of the easiest for you to find. The first four of these are found around the island where you first start the game. Numbers five through nine are found in the Nasr Kingdom which is considered Mid-Ocean.

The final Discovery on this page is found en route to Ixa'taka territory and is one of the hardest ones to discover since you have to search for it in winds that push you very strongly in one direction. I recommend you try and get Discovery 10 and 11 at relatively the same time.

Once you complete one of these discoveries don't forget to return to a Sailor's Guild and sell the Discovery Information you acquired to them. Depending on the discovery you made it usually will net you a decent amount of Gold.

If you wait too long though another Pirate will make the discovery which greatly devalues how much the Sailor's Guild will pay you when you make it.



First Discovery Location - Pirate's Grave

First Discovery Location Pirates GraveFirst Discovery Map Location

From Pirate's Isle head directly west until you reach the landmass that has waterfalls on it. If you turn slightly to the northwest you'll find some mountains with a split in them. The discovery location is the land mass in the middle of the two mountain ranges.


Second Discovery Location - Guidestones

Guidestones Discovery LocationGuidestones Discovery Map Location

This discovery is a tiny island just east of Sailor's Island. Use my map location if you're having any trouble locating it.


Third Discovery Location - Sky Coral

Third Discovery Location - Sky CoralSky Coral Discovery Map Location

From Shrine Island travel east through the rock reef until you come across three black and white stones. Line up with them and head directly southeast until you come across the small grass island shown in my screen shot above. The discovery you need to make is on top.

Note: You will need the Harpoon upgrade for the Little Jack before you're able to pass through the Rock Field and locate this discovery.



Fourth Discovery Location - Silver Moon Pit

Fourth Discovery Location - Silver Moon PitSilver Moon Pit Discovery Map Location

This discovery is found just north of the previous one. From the island you discover the Sky Coral on travel north to the elongated rock that's floating in the sky. If you start on the northern end of this rock and travel along the same side of the rock that the Sky Coral is on - you'll quickly find this discovery.

Note: You will need the Harpoon upgrade for the Little Jack before you're able to pass through the Rock Field and locate this discovery.


Fifth Discovery Location - Topple Rock

Topple Rock Discovery LocationTopple Rock Discovery Map Location

This location is found a smidgeon south of Maramba. You'll see a pair of mountains shooting smoke out into the sky; the discovery location is nearby a peak of one of the mountains that's nearby the smoke jets.


Sixth Discovery Location - Wandering Lake

Wandering Lake Discovery LocationWandering Lake Map Location

This lake is found floating around to the east of Maramba. If you start at Maramba and travel east you can't miss this island. It's a small island that floats around a small area with an Oasis on it.


Seventh Discovery Location - Oasis

Oasis Discovery LocationOasis Map Location

You'll find the Oasis discovery on the sand island that's to the south of Maramba. If you start from Maramba travel southeast until you run into the chain of mountains. Then reposition yourself north/northwest and travel along the surface spamming the A button. Doing so should get you the discovery fairly quickly.



Eigth Discovery Location - Sandfalls

Sandfalls Discovery LocationSandfalls Discovery Map Location

The Sandfalls discovery is found on a floating island just to the north of the Oasis discovery. If you haven't found the Oasis yet then you'll want to start from Maramba. Position your ship east/southeast and raise it up to the cloud ceiling. Travel in this direction and you'll come across the same island shown in my screen shots above. The Sandfalls Discovery is here.


Ninth Discovery Location - Temple of Pyrynn

Temple of Pyrynn LocationTemple of Pyrynn Map Location

Temple of Pyrynn is given to you by default while you're progressing through the game.



Tenth Discovery Location - Beak Rock

Beak Rock Discovery LocationBeak Rock Discovery Map Location

This is the most difficult discovery for you to acquire on this page and arguably one of the hardest in the entire game. In the southern portion of Mid - Sky you have the Ixa'taka gulf stream that blows the wind very powerfully to the East. Your first time traveling to Ixa'taka territory you'll have to travel through this strong wind current and you'll quickly learn what I mean about how powerful it can be.

Beak Rock is not the only discovery in this intense wind current. If you want to obtain this discovery extremely early on in the game the best way to do so is first travel to Ixa'taka territory then go southeast and run into Beak Rock that way. Don't try to grab this discovery while progressing through the intense winds as with random encounters it's just a nightmare.

Note: Even if you're adamantly against cheating I still strongly recommend you turn off Random Encounters for finding certain discoveries, especially ones like Beak Rock. Battle after battle is nothing but annoying while you're trying to fight wind currents and find a discovery.

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