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Gauntlet Dark Legacy Guides and Walkthroughs

Gauntlet Dark Legacy is a fantastic action adventure RPG made by Midway games that was released on the Gamecube as well as the Playstation 2 and Xbox in 2000/2001. I would argue that it's the best game in the series and it's an absolute must play for any retro gamers. It doesn't have much story - it's just a great hack n' slash!

Gauntlet Dark Legacy Title Screen

Gauntlet Dark Legacy CodeBreaker Codes

Gauntlet Dark Legacy Gameshark Codes


My guides for Dark Legacy cover most of the rare items you have to collect in the game as well as the different cheat codes used. Finding some of the Runestones and Legendary Weapons was a bit annoying since there were no guides online available that had pictures for them.... At least until now!

These guides were written for the version of Gauntlet Dark Legacy on in the Nintendo Gamecube. They will still be accurate for all versions of Gauntlet, the only thing that will be different are the controller buttons and possibly your graphics in some areas.


Gauntlet Dark Legacy Legendary Weapons

Legendary Weapons

In Gauntlet Dark Legacy you will be able to collect 9 different Legendary Weapons which will help you defeat the different bosses you encounter throughout the game. Some of the Legendary Weapons are so powerful that you can practically cheese the boss fight once you acquire them!

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on where to find the Legendary Weapons


Gauntlet Dark Legacy Runestone Locations

All the Runestones

In Gauntlet there are a total of 13 Runestones, 12 of them are required for activating the portal you see in the picture above and the 13th one is required to fight the final boss. Some of the Runestones are fairly easy to collect - others not so much. If you'd like a guide detailing each of their locations keep reading!

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on where to find all 13 Runestones


Unlockable Character Doors - Locations & Information

Secret Characters

There are a total of 8 secret characters for you to unlock in Dark Legacy. The Secret Characters are unique looking and have marginally more starting attributes than the regular characters you have access too. Each of the secret characters are hidden behind a secret character door, like the one you see in the picture above.

Continue reading for a more detailed walkthrough on where to find all the Unlockable Character Doors


Gauntlet Dark Legacy Cheats

Japanese School Girl Gauntlet Dark LegacyAYA555 Name

There are two different types of cheats that you may be interested in for Gauntlet Dark Legacy. You have ingame cheats which you can use when making a new character for stuff like infinite keys/potions and invulnerability... Or you can use Action Replay and play whatever character you want and just use those codes.

Continue reading for more information about the Gauntlet Character Name Cheat Codes



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