Gauntlet Dark Legacy Legendary Weapons Guide

In Gauntlet Dark Legacy there are a total of 9 different Legendary Weapons that you can acquire which will help you in your fight against each of the bosses in the game. Each of the Legendary Weapons makes one of the boss fights in the game significantly easier - some of them allow you to cheese the entire fight!

This guide lists each of the 9 Legendary Weapons, their location and gives you a bit of information for finding the item.


Haunted Cemetery - Parchment of Fire (Forsaken Province)

Parchment of Fire First SwitchParchment of Fire Second Switches

The Parchment of Fire is the first Legendary Weapon you can acquire in the game and as you could imagine quite easy to get. In the first screen shot you will want to hit the two switches you see on the wall. This will allow you to hit the switches that surround the pool the Parchment of Fire is in.

Run clockwise around the pool and hit each switch until you lower the Parchment of Fire down for you to grab. That's all there is to it!

The Parchment of Fire is used on the Yeti Boss from the Ice Domain. It creates a wall of fire that blocks a good deal of the Yeti's attacks.

Parchment of Fire Location



Javelin of Blinding - Volcanic Cavern (Mountain Realm)

Javelin of Blinding First SwitchGolden Fang platform

This one is a bit tougher than the Parchment of Fire. Towards the end of the level you'll be able to smash in a hidden wall (seen in the first screen shot) that raises the platform that golden fangs are on nearby. When you step on the platform with the fangs (second screenshot) you'll get a brief cinematic of another platform raising.

Elevator down to Javelin of Blinding

Keep clearing the level until you're almost at the end, where you fight a golem. There will be a switch when you run towards the bottom of the screen that raises an elevator, seen in my screenshots. Get on the elevator, ride it down and you'll find the Javelin of Blinding.

The Javelin of Blinding is used against the boss of the Sky Domain, Plague Fiend. It takes out one of his eyes and greatly reduces the accuracy of his attacks.

Javelin of Blinding location



Ice Axe - Castle Barracks (Castle Realm)

Castle Barracks first switch for Ice AxeCastle Barracks Floor switch for Ice Axe

The Ice Axe is located near the start of the level but you'll have to proceed past it a little bit in order to drop the drawbridge that we need for it. When we began the level we went across multiple drawbridges before finding one that raised with no lever around to drop it. If you keep going you'll eventually reach a large room with multiple switches in it that also has Death in the shower.

The switch in the first screen shot is the one you need to hit in order to raise the platform that has the floor switch and Golden Feather on it. This switch will drop the drawbridge that we need to cross. To reach the switch you see in the second screenshot go up the stairs to the right where you entered the large room with Death in the shower. You will also need to destroy a hidden wall to reach the switch once up the stairs.

The Ice Axe is used against the Dragon of the Mountain Realm. It freezes the dragon in his place.

Ice Axe Location



The Good Book (Book of Protection) - Sky Shipyards (Sky Realm)

The Good Book First Switch LocationThe Good Book Location

The Good Book can be found towards the very end of the Sky Shipyards level. You'll pass it shortly before the end of the level hidden on an elevator just below the ground. You need to hit the switch at the very end of the level seen in the first screen shot to start the process of raising the Good Book's platform.

After you hit the first switch it opens a door just below it with another switch. Hit that one too and walk back towards where you saw the Good Book. You'll see that a balloon just arrived with a slightly more powerful than usual enemy. The platform that was carrying the enemy has a switch, hit that and you'll be able to grab the Good Book.

The Book of Protection, also known as The Good Book is used against the Lich in the Forsaken Province and it greatly slows down his movement and attack speed.



Scimitar of Decapitation - Gnarled Branches (Forest Realm)

Scimitar of Decapitation first switch locationScimitar of Decapitation Location

The Scimitar of Decapitation is found towards the end of the level. You'll actually pass it on your way through but it'll be lowered below ground level, much like the Good Book before it. To raise the platform that it's on you'll need to pass the Scimitar until you reach the switch that raises up the platform seen in my first screen shot.

After you raise this platform with the jewels up hit that switch too which will grant you access to the Scimitar of Decapitation! Back track a bit and you'll be able to retrieve the Scimitar!

The Scimitar of Decapitation is used against the Chimera from the Castle Realm. It cuts off the Lion head of the Chimera greatly reducing its damage and health.



Toxic Bellows - Mystic Pyramid (Desert Realm)

Toxic Bellows First Switch LocationToxic Bellows Second Switch Location

The Toxic Bellows are found near the start of the Mystic Pyramid level. After hitting the first switch (seen in my screenshot) you'll want to travel up to the top of the structure where you'll find another switch that's located near a floor switch; seen in my other screenshot. After you hit this switch it'll open the door to the room that has the Toxic Bellows in it, you'll be able to see it from where we are.

Toxic Bellows Third Switch Location

There's still one issue though, there's a gap between you and the sarcophagus in the room. Easy enough to fix! Once you ride the platform down from where you hit the second switch you'll notice an alcove has opened up with the third and final switch that we need to hit.

The Toxic Bellows are used against the Spider Queen of the Forest Realm. This Legendary Weapon will greatly reduce the Spider Queens size and strength.

Toxic Bellows Location



Lamp of Dark Obstruction - Erupting Fissure (Ice Domain)

Lamp of Dark Obstruction First SwitchLamp of Dark Obstruction Secret Pathway

Finding the Lamp of Dark Obstruction in the Erupting Fissure requires a few steps, much like a few of the other Special Weapons. The first thing you'll need to do is raise the platform that has the Golden Claw on it seen in the first screen shot. Hit the switch on that platform to raise the platform that the Lamp is on in the distance.

A little bit further ahead in the level you'll come across a caged in area with an undead bear enemy. Slaughter him and smash through the hidden wall that's behind him. You'll find the Lamp of Dark Obstruction if you keep following this route after smashing the wall.

The Lamp of Dark Obstruction is used against the Genie boss of the Desert Realm. It creates a large cloud that blinds the Genie which allows you to attack him for sometime without being attacked back.

Lamp of Dark Obstruction Location




Lantern of Revelation - Haunted Grounds (Dream World)

Lantern of Revelation PuzzleLantern of Revelation Switches

The Lantern of Revelation is found at the very end of the Haunted Grounds level of Dream World. In the same location that you find the switch which opens the gates leading to the exit portal you'll also find many more switches (as seen in my screen shots) that will lead you to the Lantern of Revelation.

What we need to do is fairly linear, hit all the switches on the ground and then go up to the second floor. Up here you'll find the button that lowers the Golden Claw to ground level and next to that will be two hidden walls you can smack down which will lead you to the Lantern of Revelation.

The Lantern of Revelation is used against the Shadow Wraith which is the boss of the Dream Realm. The Lantern will block all of the Wraiths Shadow attacks, which is about half of what he throws at you.

Lantern of Revelation Location



Soul Savior - Desecrated Temple (Desecrated Temple)

Soul Savior Switches

This item is used on Skorne and it's found at the end of the Desecrated Temple level. It's fairly easy to acquire since all of the switches you need to hit are found right around the exit area. In the first screen shot I have above you'll see the first and last switches you need to hit to lower the Soul Savior down to ground level.

After you hit the first switch the two other switches can be reached on the sides of room. Hit them to lower the platform you see me standing on in the first screenshot and then hit that switch. This will lower the Soul Savior down to ground level - it's a piece of cake!

The Soul Savior Legendary Weapon is used in your first encounter against Skorne in the very next level. It deflects Skorne's attacks.

Soul Savior Location



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