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Gauntlet Dark Legacy Cheat Codes

The following codes are input when you create a character - you input the code as the character's name and you'll have that permanent boost for the entire game. If you are looking for the Action Replay codes for Gauntlet Dark Legacy head over to that guide instead.

The following codes will use this format:

((Name to input for character)) - Effect it gives you


10000K - Start with 10,000G

1ANGEL - Anti-Death

DELTA1 - Enemies are always shrunk

PURPLE - Full Turbo

ALLFUL - Always have 9 potions and keys

INVULN - Invulnerable to all damage

000000 - Invisible

REFLEX - Always have Reflect Shot

XSPEED - Always have a speed bonus

SSHOTS - Always have the Super Crossbow

QCKSHT - Always have Rapid Fire

MENAGE - Always have Triple Shot

PEEKIN - X-Ray Vision at all times


Character Codes

Similarly to the codes above these are also input at the screen when you name your character. These codes will change the graphic of your character rather than give you a special bonus.

BAT900 - Battle General

CAS400 - Castle General

KJH105 - Chainsaw

CEL721 - Cheerleader

DES700 - Desert General

STG333 - Employee Stig

GAM666 - Evil Wizard

CSS222 - Ex-Employee Chris

RIZ721 - Football player

STX222 - Happy Face

ICE600 - Ice General

AYA555 - Japanese Schoolgirl

SJB964 - Karate Steve

DARTHC - Knight in black armor

ARV984 - Man with Mace

DIB626 - Manager Mike

MTN200 - Mountain General

TAK118 - Ninja

EGG911 - Pojo the Chicken

PNK666 - Punk rock

RAT333 - Rat Knight

GARM99 - Regular Garm

NUDO69 - S&M Dwarf

GARM00 - Sickly Garm

SKY100 - Sky General

SUM224 - Sumner

TWN300 - Town General

KAO292 - Waitress



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