Gauntlet Dark Legacy Runestone Locations

One of the many different things you have to collect in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy to complete the main quest is Runestones. This is a guide that will show you where each of the 12 main Runestones are, which are required for entering Garm's Domain. Additionally I also have the location of the 13th and final Runestone which is required for fighting Garm.

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Forsaken Province - Poison Fields Runestone

Toxic Fields RunestoneToxic Field Runestone Location

This Runestone is in the first level of the game and extremely easy to find. After you pass the platform you see in my screen shot with the multi-colored arrows you'll find a shed with a wall you can destroy. Inside is the Runestone.



Forsaken Province - Mausoleum Runestone

Mausoleum Runestone Location

The Mausoleum has the second and last Runestone in the Forsaken Province. This one is reached through hitting a series of levers/switches in the middle part of the level. You will need to hit a switch to raise the platform that has the piece of meat in the screen shot above. The switch on the platform with the meat will raise a piece of the floor in the other screen shot that's needed to reach the Runestone.



Mountain Realm - Dappet Peaks Runestone

Dappet Peaks Runestone LocationDappet Peaks Hidden Switch

The Runestone in Dappet Peaks is quite easy to grab. All you'll need to do is head up the first flight of stairs you see in the level and smash in the wall that's next to the fire trap. Use my screen shots if you need guidance for this part. After you do that run back down the stairs and grab the Runestone by the waterfall!



Castle Realm - Castle Armory Runestone

Castle Armory Runestone SwitchCastle Armory Runestone Switch 2

This Runestone has a few more steps than the previous ones. For this one you'll need to hit the switch next to the black crystal, seen in the first screen shot. That will lower the wall around a golem and another switch. Defeat the golem and hit the second switch to raise the platform that the Runestone is on.

A little bit of back tracking will be required to reach the Runestone, it's in the same room as the boiling pot of.... green stuff? Use my pictures if you need guidance.

Castle Armory Runestone Location



Sky Realm - Cloud Docks Runestone

Sky Docks Runestone SwitchSky Docks Second Runestone Switch

This Runestone is found roughly 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the level. The Runestone is found behind a chest with a meal in it that's locked up in a cage. You'll also find a 'tip' in this area saying something about the Meal blocking the path to a greater objective. If you go forward a little bit in the level you'll find the two switches you see in my screen shots.

Hitting the first switch raises the second which will open up the cage that the chest is in. Grab your Meal and then destroy the wall behind the chest to find the Runestone.

Sky Docks Runestone Location



Sky Realm - Mothership Runestone

The Mothership Runestone Location

The Runestone located in Mothership can be found towards the end of the level. While progressing through the level you'll find a switch that raises the buttons you see in my screen shot above to ground level. You must press them in a specific order until just the middle one is lit green.

This will grant you access to the Runestone! Oh, if you didn't already you'll have to hit the switch on the side of the alcove that has the Runestone.



Forest Realm - Twisted Roots of Evil Runestone

Twisted Roots of Evil Runestone SwitchTwisted Roots of Evil Runestone Location

This Runestone is one of the easier ones for you to acquire. The switch that you need to hit (seen in my first screen shot) you'll come across while normally progressing through the level. Hit it and it'll lower the platform down that has the Runestone on it a little bit further ahead. That's all there is to it!



Desert Realm - City Ruins Runestone

City Ruins Runestone SwitchCity Ruins Runestone Location

The Runestone in the City Ruins is fairly easy to get. While progressing through the level normally you'll come across the lever seen in the first screen shot. Hit it and you'll lower the wall in front of the Runestone. From the lever you'll want to back track a little bit through the level to find the Runestone.



Ice Domain - Frozen Camp Runestone

Frozen Camp Runestone SwitchFrozen Camp Runestone Switch

The Runestone in Frozen Camp is found within a mechanical tower-like structure about 1/4 of the way through the level. You need to hit three different switches to reach it, the first two are shown in my screenshots. The last switch is found within the tower itself, the previous two switches both allow you to access the third switch which grants you access to the Runestone.

Frozen Camp Runestone Location



Ice Domain - Crystal Mine Runestone

Crystal Mine Runestone SwitchCrystal Mine Runestone Switch

This Runestone is fairly easy to get despite how many pictures I got going on here. Ultimately there's three switches you need to hit, each of them raise a different platform that leads to this Runestone. All three of these switches are found throughout the level and are featured in my screenshots.

Use my screen shots as a guide if you need help finding the switches to hit. After you hit all three of the switches you can find the Runestone by taking the path that leads back towards the first switch instead of crossing the bridge with the black crystals.

Crystal Mine Runestone SwitchCrystal Mine Runestone Location



Dream World - Your Worst Nightmare Runestone

Your Worst Nightmare Runestone SwitchYour Worst Nightmare Runestone Switch

In order to find this Runestone you'll need to hit the switch you see in the first screen shot. After you hit that switch it'll activate a piston like mechanism that you have to mount and take up to a platform. The piston can be found if you back track a bit and head 'down' - that's the best advice I can give. =(

The piston is seen in the second screen shot as well as the brief cutscene after you hit the switch. After you ride the piston up to the platform it's pretty linear to reach the Runestone.

Your Worst Nightmare Runestone Switch



Dream World - Maze of Illusion Runestone

Maze of Illusion Runestone SwitchMaze of Illusion Runestone Switch

This Runestone is a bit of a hassle to locate and it took me the longest of all the Runestones. The level that it's in is pretty damn confusing since you can't see half of where you have to walk and it's just ... yea. Anyway, there's two switches you have to hit for this Runestone. The first one is by the very start of the level, less than like 3 minutes into the run you'll find it.

The first switch can be seen in screen shot 1. Further through the level you'll come across the second switch, seen in the second screen shot. Also ingame you'll find a piece of paper that tells you to turn around and grab the Runestone before you proceed. The Runestone is a little bit of a back track past the fountain in the center of the zone and off in one of the alcoves.

Want to see a video on how to obtain this Runestone? It may be easier for you to follow!

Maze of Illusion Runestone Location



Infernal Fortress - The Final Runestone

Infernal Fortress the final RunestoneInfernal Fortress the final Runestone

There is one additional Runestone you must collect in Dark Legacy after entering Garm's domain. This Runestone is found in the Infernal Fortress level all the way towards the end of the level. It's hidden in an alcove that you must bust through an invisible wall to reach.

If you come to the red teleporters on the ground (seen in my screen shots) without having found the Runestone you know you'll have gone too far.

Infernal Fortress the final Runestone



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