Dragon Quest 6 Walkthrough - Chapter 4

Boat Outside Ghent

When you are ready to advance the story forward you'll want to Zoom over to Ghent if you already haven't and board your ship. Sail east following the coastline from Ghent until you come across a bunch of rocks protruding from the water. Land your boat somewhere along the coast here on the northeastern most continent then travel a little northeast until you find the next town, Arkbolt Castle.

Incase you missed it on the previous page, there is currently an available side quest that will allow you to recruit another member to your team. I recommend you do it if you haven't already. Don't forget to return to Alltrades Abbey as well and set up a Vocation for Amos prior to continuing with the story.

Amos Optional Character Side Quest

Arkbolt Castle Map Location
Arkbolt Castle Map Location.

Arkbolt Castle is a bit different than the previous towns we came across. While you're here you will have to defeat multiple sets of guards to prove that you're actually strong. These fights can be easy or difficult depending on your level and strategy for them. To initiate each fight find the guards blocking your path to the next area and challenge them.

First up is Bronson who is a piece of cake, general strategy for Bronson as well as all of the other guards is.... Use Sap on them with your Hero and Kabuff on your group to increase how much damage the enemy takes and decrease how much you take.

Use Fire Claw as an item during battle instead of attacking with the weapon since it will do more damage than a regular attack. Also don't forget to 'Use' Staff of Ghent as an item during battle too for a free MP Midheal cast. If you take a lot of damage or use up too much MP during one of these battles you can always return to the Inn and restore it all. There is no penalty for doing that.

Second on the list is Brick and Brock; for these guys you'll want to focus on Brock first since he basically just protects Brick anyway. Same strategy as Bronson, it's basically just fighting two of him at the same time. Inside the throne room speak with the King and then Brutus to advance the story. Follow Brutus to the training room which is in the southwestern part of the castle then talk to him again here to begin the fight.

Brick and Brock Boss FightBrutus Boss Fight

Brutus is the hardest of the fights (obviously) and may take a little preparation prior to the battle to beat. The best team for Brutus typically includes the Hero, Carver and Amos along with any of the other characters (so long as they can Heal). Give the Staff of Ghent to either the Hero or Carver so that worse comes to worse they can Heal in a pinch too.

With Brutus defeated the king will ask you to meet him in the throne room as he has a gift for you. Head on over to the throne room and speak to him then the Chancellor to receive the large coffin and advance the story forward. Our next destination is Wayfarer's Pass which is found to the north of Arkbolt.

Not too far into the Wayfarer's Pass cave you'll come across some guards who will let you pas once they see your coffin and a pack of blue enemies blocking the way (pictured below).

Wayfarers Pass EntranceTerry Fighting Boss
Guards and Monsters blocking the route (left) as well as Terry fighting the boss (right).

The route you must follow through Wayfarer's Pass is pretty straight forward, just keep going north every opportunity you get and keep going down stairs. Eventually you will come across a room with monster eggs (that break open when inspected) and an adventurer up north by the name of Terry. He is the other person the King mentioned and actually a recruitable character to your party in the future.

All that we need to do in this dungeon is speak to Terry and watch him fight the monster before leaving. Return to Arkbolt and speak with the King to advance the story forward then, once again, return to Wayfarer's Pass. In the first part of the Wayfarer's Pass dungeon (pictured above on the left) you'll now be able to go all the way over to the right which will lead you to a cave exit and to the next part of the World Map.

Back on the World Map you'll find a set of stairs to your north as well as 3 houses. Visiting the 3 houses is optional but there are a few goodies for you to collect here like a Mini Medal, which is part of the Mini Medal Side Quest in this game and a Gold Ring which you can equip as an Accessory on someone. There is also an Inn here which you can stay at if you choose to do some grinding in this area.

World Map North of Arkbolt

Aridea on World Map in Dream World

When you're ready to continue with the main story proceed up the stairs on the World Map to the Dream World. South of where you come up at you'll find a very short and linear cave that will lead you to the next town which is in a desert, Aridea (pictured above). In the town of Aridea you'll need to do a lot of talking to random people to advance the story forward.

Below is a list of all the people you must speak with in Aridea to advance the story:

1. Speak to the man inside of the Well
2. Talk to the girl in the southeastern house
3. Inside of the Weapon Shop, speak with the Soldier
4. Speak with the nun inside of the church
5. The western most house in town, speak with a man inside
6. Southwestern most house you'll find an old couple, speak with them both

Once you've spoken with everyone on the list above the sun will set in Aridea and it'll become night time. When this happens you'll want to leave Aridea and travel west along the coast until you come across the floating island which acts as a ship. Speak with the man on the dock then speak with the captain to depart.

At this time I recommend you rearrange your party and prepare for a boss fight coming up. Make sure you have the Staff of Ghent on a character you want and the Fire Claw, both of which you'll want to 'Use' as items during the upcoming fight. Talk to the bartender on the ship and drink both sets of drinks he offers then go to sleep to advance the story forward.

Jamirus Boss Battle

Sap works on this boss so make sure you hit him with one or two of those from the Hero and if you have Milly in your party be sure to use Kabuff as well. Other than that this boss fight is as straight forward as all of the previous ones. Return to the floating island after the fight is over and speak with the old man at the helm to depart this island and the Innkeeper inside behind the bar to rest until you arrive back at Aridea.

You'll now have full control over the floating island and are able to explore the inner sea in the Dream World. There are a few items for us to gather in the Dream World with the moving island before proceeding with the story; below are three of the Mini Medals which you can find now that you have control of the island:

#18 Overworld Area (Dream World): On the small island in the inner sea of the Dream World you'll find a house with an old man inside and a pot with this Mini Medal. Different directions: Southwest of the Isle o' Smiles/Jamirus' castle in the Dream World is where you can find this island.

#19 Overworld Area (Dream World): In the house south/southeast of Alltrades Abbey smash barrels to find this Mini Medal

#20 Overworld Area (Dream World): Almost directly south of Alltrades Abbey (across the river) you'll find a Well; the Mini Medal is inside a chest in that Well.

These Mini Medal locations are straight out of my Mini Medal Side Quest Guide, follow the link for more information about that. You can technically get one more Mini Medal by docking on the south-central continent in the Dream World then going south across a bridge and into a cave. There will be a Mini Medal in here next to a grave, but the enemies in this area are very difficult and you won't be able to handle them unless you're overleveled.

Also, with Jamirus now dead you can start turning in your Mini Medals for rewards at Medford's Manor. More information about where to find him on the Mini Medal Side Quest page.




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