Eldin Province Poe Locations

Eldin Province doesn't have that many Poes for you to collect in total. Most of them are available immediately after you're given the Poe sidequest but the very last Poe, in Hidden Village, you'll need to wait until later in the game for.

Kakariko Village Collections Map
This shows all the Collectibles in Kakariko Village.


Poe SoulPoe #2 - Located in Kakariko Village

This is where the guide starts and where better than Kakariko Village! The first poe on this list is hiding in the remains of Barne's Supply Shed .. You may remember this building as the place we blew up much earlier in the game while collecting the tears of light in the Eldin Province.

Kakariko Village Poe


Poe SoulPoe #3 - Located in Kakariko Village

This Poe is really close to #2 and can even be seen from where #2 is. If you're facing away from Barnes' Supply Shed and you look up you'll see this poe sitting atop the watch tower area where during the day there's a Goron which will catapult you up to Talo whom has a minigame for a Piece of Heart.

Kakariko Village Poe Location


Poe SoulPoe #4 - Kakariko Village Graveyard

I'm sure you could have guessed that there's a poe in the Kakariko Village Graveyard! If you did, it definitely doesn't disappoint - you'll find a poe floating around in the middle of the area.

Kakariko Graveyard Poe in middle


Poe SoulPoe #5 - Kakariko Village Graveyard

While still in the Kakariko Village Graveyard you'll want to push the southernmost grave to reveal another poe. If you're having trouble figuring out which grave use my screenshot for guidance.

Kakariko Graveyard Tombstone to move for poeKakariko Graveyard Poe after moving tombstone


Poe SoulPoe #6 - Near Kakariko Gorge in Hyrule Field

In Kakariko Gorge you'll find a poe sitting on the ledge that's just above where the Male Golden Pill Bug is found. He'll be sitting next to a lone tree right out in the open - easy to spot. There's also a piece of heart nearby on a pillar if you didn't get it earlier in the game.

Kakariko Gorge Poe on ledge


Poe SoulPoe #7 - Inside A Cave In Southern Kakariko Gorge

While still in Kakariko Gorge south of where you found the previous poe you'll find a boulder that you can destroy which leads to a dark cave. You have to explore this cave on your own, burning down spider webs with your lantern and lighting any torches you find. There are multiple dead ends most with enemies or Rupees. Wii players will find a Hylian Stamp in this cave as well.

Another one of the dead end has two unlit torches. Lighting them will cause a chest with a Piece of Heart to appear. Finally the last dead end and the one we're after will have a Poe. Use the map on my screenshot for help guiding yourself around inside the cave.

Kakariko Gorge Poe in cave


Poe SoulPoe #8 - Located On Death Mountain

There is only one Poe in all of Death Mountain and luckily it's very close to the entrance. After you complete the Goron Mines speaking to any of the Gorons on your way up Death Mountain will give you the option to catapult yourself up using their strength.

Speak to the second Goron on the trail leading up Death Mountain, and use him to catapult yourself up to the ledge right next to him. Use my screen shot if you need some extra guidance for finding this spot. Additionally if you continue north a little bit there is also a Piece of Heart nearby for you to find if you haven't already.

Death Mountain Poe

Death Mountains Collections Map
This map shows all of Death Mountain's Collectibles

Poe SoulPoe #9 - Hidden Village

The last Poe in the Eldin Province for us to acquire is located in the Hidden Village north of the Bridge of Eldin. In order to gain access to this village you'll need to show the Dominion Rod to Impaz which happens throughout the normal course of the story.

If you're reading this prior to having completed that task there will be rubble blocking your way to this village.

Hidden Village Poe Location

North Eldin Province Collections Map
This map shows all of northern Eldin Province's Collectibles