Kakariko Village - Heart Piece Locations & Guide

There are three pieces of heart available for you to collect in Kakariko Village and all of them are available right after you finish Goron Mines. Two of them are found in the southern portion of Kakariko Village, you'll need to use some bombs to destroy the boulders above and below.

The last one you get after completing a minigame from one of the brats you saved, Talo. He's found atop the watch tower in Kakariko Village and is the kid that yells "MONSTER!!" every time you enter the town as a wolf.


Kakariko Village (Eldin Province) Ninth Piece of Heart

Boulder covering up piece of heart locationPiece of heart exposed

There are two pieces of heart in relatively the same location of Kakariko Village. The first of which, this piece of heart can be found up on top of the cliff of the southern path leading out to Hyrule Field. It's covered by a boulder that you can explode with bomb arrows. If you're having trouble locating it use my pictures for guidance.

In your Items screen you can combine your bombs with your arrows and then fire them at the boulder you see in my screen shot. One shot will reveal the Piece of Heart! Once the piece of heart is exposed use the Gale Boomerang to bring it down to you.

Kakariko Village Piece of Heart Map Locations



Kakariko Village (Eldin Province) Tenth Piece of Heart

Kakariko Village Boulder to Destroy for Piece of HeartUnderwater Chest with Piece of Heart

This piece of heart is found by first blowing up a boulder in the southern part of Kakariko Village. The southern path that leads out to Hyrule Field has a pretty obvious boulder you can blow up on top of the cliff and at the mouth of the pass. The boulder on the top of the cliff exposes the Ninth Piece of Heart when you blow it up.

The boulder at the mouth of the pass leads to a hidden cave - following it will eventually lead you to a pool of water at the southern end of the map. Here you'll need to equip your Iron Boots and sink to the bottom. At the bottom of the lake you'll find a chest which contains the piece of heart.

Kakariko Village Underwater Chest Map Location



Kakariko Village (Eldin Province) Eleventh Piece of Heart

Kakariko Village Talo LocationKakariko Village Talo Map Location

For this piece of heart you'll need to climb up to the Watch Tower in Kakariko Village and speak with Talo up there. He's one of the brats you met in Ordon Village that has been a huge part of the game since. When you speak to him he'll challenge you to an Archery Contest of sorts.

If you're having trouble reaching Talo - you have to talk to the Gorons to launch you up to him. Use my pictures if you need any other guidance in finding him.

The Archery challenge itself isn't too hard. The first two targets are extremely easy to hit but the third is mostly just trial and error until you get your Bow lined up right. If it helps at all, my screen shot while holding the Bow has the shot lined up perfectly. Aim where I am and that should do the trick.

Kakariko Village Archery Contest Won