Death Mountain - Piece of Heart Location

There is only a single piece of heart for you to acquire in Death Mountain and it can be picked up immediately after you complete the Goron Mines.


Death Mountain (Eldin Province) - Thirteenth Piece of Heart

Death Mountain Goron to launch youDeath Mountain Landing Spot

To get started with acquiring this piece of heart you'll want to enter Death Mountain coming north from Kakariko Village. While you can port here if you'd like (assuming you have the option) doing so will just confuse things. Coming north from Kakariko Village you'll want to speak with the second Goron you come across, the same one shown in my screen shot above.

This Goron will offer to launch you up the ledge, accept his offer but instead of facing the regular obvious direction face the wall closest to the Goron. He'll launch you far enough up for you to safely land where you see me in my second screen shot.

If it is night time and you have already begun the Poe side quest, you'll find a Poe to capture right where you land after being launched by the Goron. Remember this spot for later if you can't capture the Poe right now.

Death Mountain Alcove with heart piece

From where you land you'll want to face north and run along the ledge until you get to the same spot I am in the screen shot above. You'll find a little alcove in the side of the cliff and when you drop down inside you'll discover a chest. Inside, if you couldn't already guess is the piece of heart.

After you collect this piece of heart - if you have the Shadow Crystal which allows you to freely transform to and from a wolf you can activate the nearby Howling Stone. Follow that link for more information!

Death Mountain Heart Piece Location
In the map location above I am standing right in front of the chest.