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Golden Pill Bug Male and Female Locations and Guide

           The Male and Female Golden Pill Bugs are the second species of Golden Bugs available for you to collect in the game. These guys can be picked up immediately after you lift the Twilight that was engulfing Kakariko Village. The Pill Bugs are found in the Kakariko Gorge which is located in the Eldin Province of Hyrule field.

           The Male is found near the bridge while the Female is found on the southern portion of the land mass closest to Kakariko Village. The map below shows both of their locations and can also be enlarged like many of the other pictures on my website by clicking on it.

Golden Pill Bug Map Locatons

           If you're still unable to locate one - or both - of these bugs fret not! Below you'll find a much more detailed step by step walkthrough on how to acquire both of these Golden Bugs which should help with any confusion you may have about their whereabouts.

           An additional friendly note is these screen shots were taken on the Gamecube version of the game. Meaning Wii players will have a reversed Map and world than what they see on these pages. It's extremely annoying.


Male Golden Pill Bug Location

Male Golden Pill Bug Location

           The Male Golden Pill Bug is found just after crossing the bridge to the right if you're coming from Kakariko Village. He doesn't move around very much at all which will make finding him much easier; however if it's day you may have one hell of a hard time seeing him because of the bloom effects in this game.

           If you need further assistance in finding him check out my map location below!

Male Golden Pill Bug Map Location


Female Golden Pill Bug Location

Female Golden Pill Bug Location

           The Female Pill Bug is found on the large piece of land that's on the same side of the bridge as Kakariko Village. Directions are flip flopped if you're on the Wii so we have to settle for land marks rather than Left/Right/East/West. Click on my pictures if you need some additional guidance finding the location.

           If you get here and don't see her out in the open she's probably crawling through the tall grass - you can hear her if you listen closely. Do some weed whacking to find her.

Female Golden Pill Bug Map Location







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