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How to create a Jumjum Salad

Jumjum Salad is one of the ingredients used in creating Misty Thicket Picnics, the best stat food in Classic EQ. Every ingredient used to make the Jumjum Salad is purchased from a vendor except for the Vegetables. The Vegetables are commonly Foraged from basically any zone in the entire game.

I suggest asking Druids, Rangers and Bards if they have any extra Vegetables that they can parcel you or trade to you if you're a class/race that is unable to Forage. Those of you who can't find someone helpful or just don't feel like asking a Forager, there's a simple recipe that can make Vegetables with Baking - more on that is below. For more information on Commonly Foraged Items follow the link provided.


Jumjum Salad (142 Trivial)

1 Fennel

1 Jumjum Stalk

Lettuce1 Lettuce

Vegetables1 Vegetables



VegetablesVegetables (No Fail Combine)

If Plane of Knowledge is out on your server all three of these items can be purchased from Culkin Ironstove or Klen Ironstove. If PoP is not yet out on your server then the next best place for you to purchase them is Daleen Leafsway (Misty Thicket) or Filrion Dokius (East Freeport)

1 Carrot

Lettuce1 Lettuce

1 Turnip