Commonly Foraged Items

           Foraging has a chance of gathering different items depending on the zone that you're in while you Forage. The most common items you'll get while Foraging are listed below, however, some zones like Greater Faydark/Lesser Faydark will offer you other goodies like Cinnamon Sticks & Honey Dew. It's not just these zones that offer unique forageables, there are many other zones like this as well.

           Below you'll find a list of all the most commonly foraged items in the game. These items are the ones that drop basically everywhere and are part of no unique loot tables.

List of Commonly Foraged Items



Pod of Water


Fishing Grubs

Rabbit Meat


           If you can't Forage these items yourself then I recommend asking a Druid or Ranger for some spares. They're all extremely common and assuming the person you're asking doesn't hold a grudge against you (or just doesn't Forage) he's likely to have a bunch of these items.













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