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Threadbare Weighted Tabard - TBL Evolving Item


Threadbare Weighted Tabard are one of five different evolving items in TBL that drop in the Fight Fire With Fire mission. All of these items can be evolved by completing a bunch of older achievements and will result in some of the most over powered items this game has ever seen.

In order to evolve the Threadbare Weighted Tabard to level 2 you need to complete all of the collectibles achievements from Call of the Forsaken - Ring of Scale.


Achievements Required for Rank 2:

Call of the Forsaken Master Scavenger
Master Scavenger of The Broken Mirror
Master Scavenger of The Darkened Sea
Empires of the Kunark Master Scavenger
Ring of Scale Master Scavenger


After the item is evolved to level 2, you'll be able to grind enemies in order to level it most of the way to the final rank, Tabard of the Guardian. Only enemies in TBL zones count or in Gnome Memorial Mountain. Basically zones that were released during the TBL expansion. No other zones will count towards EXP for this item.

In order to level it to the final rank and acquire the Tabard of the Guardian you'll need to complete the Master of The Burning Lands Achievement which basically requires you to complete all of the TBL expansion except for the raids and collections.

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