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CoTF Achievement Guides


This page has a list of all the Achievements and the guides that I have available for them under the Call of the Forsaken General tab. If you're unfamiliar with achievements in EQ and how to access them, type /ach to bring up the menu then click on the expansion you'd like to view the achievements for.

Call of the Forsaken is the first EQ expansion to start offering players the Hero's Fortitude, Resolution and Vitality permanent stat boosts for completing some of the achievements. Some of the rewards that you can expect for completing different achievements throughout the CoTF expansion include... Priceless Diamond of Ethernere (+30 non prestige Purity aug), Orb of Calm Tides (Stops it from raining if it is raining; starts raining if it is not), Memento of the Ungod's Suffering (clicky item that buffs you + stacks with almost all other buffs).

Players looking to min/max their characters will want to complete the majority of achievements on this page that offer permanent upgrades. This is the oldest expansion you need to go back to in modern EQ, Rain of Fear offers rewards for completing achievements but they all will eventually become out dated and they're not permanent upgrades like you get from the ranks of Hero's Vitality/Fortitude and Resolution.


Master of the Call

To complete this achievement you'll need to finish all of the CoTF Progression as well as defeat every named enemy throughout the X-pac.

Call of the Forsaken Champion
Call of the Forsaken Paragon
Call of the Forsaken Slayer


You'll acquire this achievement once you complete all of the CoTF Progression (Mercenary, Partisan and group missions).

Reward: Butterfly Illusion

Call of the Forsaken Champion
Call of the Forsaken Paragon

Call of the Forsaken Champion

Lesser Champion of the Call
Accomplished Champion of the Call
Greater Champion of the Call
Legendary Champion of the Call

Call of the Forsaken Paragon

Lesser Hero of the Call
Accomplished Hero of the Call
Greater Hero of the Call
Legendary Hero of the Call

Call of the Forsaken Challenger

Weapon Ornaments is the reward.

Lesser Challenger of the Call
Accomplished Challenger of the Call
Greater Challenger of the Call
Legendary Challenger of the Call

Call of the Forsaken Slayer

Annihilator's Satchel is the reward for completing this. 40 slot 100% weight reduction bag.

Novice Hunter of the Call
Adept Hunter of the Call
Veteran Hunter of the Call
Expert Hunter of the Call

Call of the Forsaken Conqueror

Lesser Conqueror of the Call
Accomplished Conqueror of the Call
Greater Conqueror of the Call
Legendary Conqueror of the Call

Call of the Forsaken Vanquisher

Rewards you with Ornaments.

Lesser Vanquisher of the Call
Accomplished Vanquisher of the Call
Greater Vanquisher of the Call
Legendary Vanquisher of the Call

Call of the Forsaken Master Scavenger

To complete this achievement you'll need to collect every single set of collectibles throughout all of Call of the Forsaken. This achievement is part of the Threadbare Weighted Tabard TBL evolving item quest.

Rewards: Hoarder's Cache (36 slot 100% Weight Reduction bag) as well as 1 rank of Trophy Collector, an AA that allows the player to have 1 more Trophy active at a time - a small upgrade but big deal for players who min/max!

Hearing the Call
Worlds Apart
Look Into the Future
Separate Ways

Call of the Forsaken Explorer

Completion of this achievements allows the player to add power to their Journeyman's Compass.

Lesser Explorer of the Call
Accomplished Explorer of the Call
Greater Explorer of the Call

The Gates of Ethernere

For this achievement you'll need to attune to every portal in Ethernere: West Karana and travel through them.

Bixie Warfront
The Dead Hills
The Void
Neriak - Fourth Gate
Tower of Rot