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Torn Efreeti Boots - TBL Evolving Item


Torn Efreeti Boots are one of five different evolving items in TBL that drop in the Fight Fire With Fire mission. All of these items can be evolved by completing a bunch of older achievements and will result in some of the most over powered items this game has ever seen.

In order to evolve the Torn Efreeti Boots to level 2 you'll need to first collect every traveler achievement throughout the entire game. While the majority of the traveler achievements are a piece of cake to get, certain expansions like LDoN and GoD you'll need to do progression and be patient for.


Everquest Achievement Guides - Use these guides if you need help getting some of the traveler achievements in the game. You shouldn't need that much help though since the majority of the time you'll just be running around.


I currently am still working on/learning about these items myself so you will have to wait for a perfect 100% completed guide ... But this page will be updated frequently and I will do my best to cover these items in the mean time.


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