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Bastion of Thunder - PoP Leveling Guide

Bastion of Thunder Upper Floors

The Bastion of Thunder is a gigantic zone with many different places to hunt. The map above only covers a small portion of the zone and one or two of the hunting locations. In the center of the map you can see it says "Lobby" next to where I am standing and it also shows a staircase. This staircase leads down to the lower floors which has the zone out to click on.

You can safely pull all four wings to the lobby without worrying about adds or danger at your camp location and a lot of the time this is just what people do. Since the lobby area is safe and so close to the zone out some of the less prepared groups that can't handle the harder portion of the zone decide to stick around here.

Each wing of the Bastion of Thunder has a different type of enemy to fight. The northern dark blue wing on the map above is the 'Air' wing. To the west on the map you have the Fire wing, to the right is Ice/Water and south is Earth. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about the northern Air wing since this is the worst one for EXP considering the teleporters here make pulling difficult.

The Fire wing is probably the 2nd worst with Ice and Earth being the two main wings people hunt from. Generally there are two groups per wing (for fire and ice) - one that pulls the easier half with no named enemies and the other group which camps primarily the named enemies and the adjacent rooms.

The enemies in the fire section of Bastion of Thunder have a chance of dropping an item called Shard of Pure Energy. This is used in a quest called Aid Fimli which rewards you with a pretty nice tradeable cloak which even a level 1 can use. It requires a few other PoP drops, all of which will be really easy to collect for anyone boxing.

On the map above you can see 3 named enemies listed, the first two are in the Ice/Water Wing and the final one is in the Air wing. Here is their loot tables:

Oreen Wavecrasher: Belt of Thunderous Auras, Mask of the Hailstorms, Rain Soaked Sandals, Shortblade of Lightning, Ring of Torden
Main named of the Ice/Water Wing.

Riodhr Torrentwind: Idol of the Wavecrasher, Ornate Bracer Mold, Ornate Gauntlet Mold, Rain Soaked Sandals, Weatherbeaten Shoulderpads

Laef Windfall: Bracer of Energy, Staff of Flowing Water, Thundering Mace, Ornate Leather Pant Pattern, Ornate Silk Sleeve Pattern, Ring of Torden
Main named of the Air Wing.

The Earth Wing is much larger and much more wide open than the previous wings which I mentioned above. This wing can support up to 3 groups depending on how good each of those individual groups happens to be. The first two rows of rooms on the map above have the easiest mobs of the Earth Wing. A jord militis, a jord kjal etc.

The last two sets of rooms (just north of the large rectangular room furthest south) have some of the harder enemies. A jord tyv, A jord krieger as well as some other marginally harder jord enemies. You'll also find the named enemies that spawn in this wing spawn back here.

Here are a list of the named enemies I know about in the Earth Wing:

Ymir Stormseer:

Rorek Steelthorn: Ring of Thunderous Spirits,

Gaukr Sandstorm:

All the way in the back nearby the portal up to the stormrider camp is where you'll find Gaukr Sandstorm. He isn't a traditional named in the sense and even cons as a raid target. In order to reach the bees, the camp below, you'll need to kill him or skirt by him.

Bastion of Thunder Bees

The last and final location that's worth mentioning in Bastion of Thunder is the bees. You can reach the bees a variety of different ways; all you need to do is take one of the teleporter pads at the end of a wing in Bastion of Thunder. You'll be teleported up to the bees in the center of the area once you do that.

The center of the area is safe and if you ever need to run away from these guys you'll want to take one of the areas marked "Lobby" on my map above. That'll get you out of here safely. As for hunting the bees, you'll find them all over the area - they're called stormriders... and they look nothing like bees. Where their name "bee" came from I have no idea.

No named enemies spawn down here which is either good or bad depending on how you look at it. It's a purely EXP camp and the hardest enemies you'll find in the general area are the gargoyle enemies which spawn near the different tower clickies.

Additional Information

- Players can reach Bastion of Thunder through a stone in northern Plane of Tranqulity. You must be at least level 57+ to enter this zone otherwise you'll need to have completed some PoP flagging to enter.

- In order to gain access to the Towers in BoT as well as Agnarr you'll need to complete the Bastion of Thunder Tower Access Quests. These towers are populated with many different named enemies all of which are great for boxers/groups looking to farm Ornate Patterns or other goodies to sell.

- Ethereal Parchments and Spectral Parchments that drop are used for PoP Spells. For more information about the PoP Spell Quests follow the link provided.

Bastion of Thunder Allakhazam Zone Information