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Hidden Refuge Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Hidden Refuge Overview

The Hidden Refuge is part of Neera's Companion Quest, you'll visit this zone while on the quest. In order to reach the Hidden Refuge you'll first have to travel through the Wild Forest and exit out of that map in the northeast. On this map, much like the Wild Forest, any magic cast will have wild surges. This is very important to remember because you'll want to turn off any AI before coming here so that you don't accidentally wild surge your stash of gold away.

All of the available side quests in this town tie into Neera's Companion Quest, doing all of the side quests will get you the best outcome and the most rewards when you finally finish Neera's Companion Quest.


Telana: When you are ready to continue with Neera's Companion Quest and complete it you'll want to speak with Telana and tell her you're ready.

Mironda: Ask Mironda about her drinking habits and you'll be able to begin the A New Beer for Mironda quest which requires you to visit Trademeet and get some alcohol for her.

Barad Ding: When talking to Barad Ding he'll offer you a quest called Barad Ding's Eight Cats which requires you to find 8 cats throughout the Wild Forest and return them to Barad Ding.

Zaviak: Talk to Zaviak to begin the most annoying side quest in this entire area, Where's Wilson? For this quest you're tasked with recruiting Wilson to your group and bringing him to see Zaviak.

Knocktor: Knocktor offers you the quest Talisman of the Hearthfire which requires you to collect 2 Diamonds and a Silver Necklace and return them to him.

Amanis: Amanis gives you one of the more buggy quests in this town, it's an unmarked quest titled Amanis Khal's Missing Son. For me sometimes it triggers properly and sometimes it doesn't, when it does actually trigger properly all you have to do is find Amanis' son in the Wild Forest and return him.

Mereth: Mereth is the girl you saw with Neera the first time you bumped into her at the Bridge District. She'll give you the side quest Mereth's Hairband when you talk with her. All you need to do for this quest is to return to the Bridge District and loot Mereth's Hairband from the container where you first met her. Return it to Mereth to complete the quest.

Reginald: Reginald will attack you if you keep bugging him but you should not attack him back. When he attacks you let him hit you for a minute or so and he'll get bored and give up. That's all you need to do for him.