A New Beer for Mironda - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quest

A New Beer for Mironda Quest Start

A New Beer for Mironda is a side quest that begins by speaking with Mironda in the Hidden Refuge camp. The Hidden Refuge zone is part of the Enhanced Edition for Baldur's Gate 2 and can only be accessed after progressing far enough in Neera's Companion Quest. You will also have to recruit Neera into your party to access the Hidden Refuge.

For this quest all you need to do is travel to Trademeet and speak with Vyatri in Vyatri's Pub. The pub is marked on your map in Trademeet so you shouldn't have any difficulty with locating it. If you have yet to unlock Trademeet on your World Map then you can do so by traveling to the Athkatla City Gates and speaking with Flydian. Accept the Animal Trouble in Trademeet quest from him and it'll be added to your World Map.

Inside Vyatri's Pub all you have to do is talk to Vyatri and choose dialogue option #3. He'll ask for 50g in exchange for the beer and that's pretty much it. Once you have the alcohol you can return to Mironda and turn in the quest.

Halflings Help in Vyatris Pub

Your reward for finishing this quest is a <CHARNAME>'s Tankard. The name of the Tankard will change depending on your character's name. You can use this Tankard up to 3 times a day and it'll heal you for 2d8 Hit Points each time it is used. It's a nifty little item to help you heal up in between battles!



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