Wild Forest Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Wild Forest Overview

The Wild Forest map was added into the game for the Enhanced Edition and it's one of the zones tied to Neera's Companion Quest. In order to unlock this map you'll first have to encounter Neera in the Bridge District then again in a waylay map in Athkatla. When you encounter her this second time she'll tell you about the Wild Forest and it will be added to your World Map.

Upon arriving in the Wild Forest you will find Neera waiting for you. At this point you'll be able to take her into your party if you wish but it isn't required, when we reach the next map you will have to recruit her, however. On this map our main goal is going to be reach the Hidden Refuge which we can find by exiting this map in the top right hand corner. In the top right hand corner of this map you will find a broken bridge but this is an illusion that you can dispel. Check my zone write up below for more information.

Save your game before proceeding!

Warning: Wild Forest is one of the more unique maps in this game - any spells cast while on this map will cause a Wild Surge. It doesn't matter if you're a Priest and casting a spell or if you're using a Scroll to cast a spell - each and every one will have a chance of causing a Wild Surge. Some of the Wild Surge effects that you may have a serious problem with is the one that destroys 80% of your party's gold or permanently changes your characters gender.

Save your game before proceeding!



Neera: Neera will be waiting for you at this location and will initiate dialogue with you when you enter the zone. You're able to recruit her into your party right now if you want otherwise she will meet you at the Hidden Refuge which is in the northeast.

Quaid: This is honestly the only notable thing in the zone and it isn't even that notable. If you talk to Quaid long enough he go BOOM and explode damaging everyone around him. You can find some gems, scrolls and gold in the cart next to him.

Bridge Illusion: If you have Neera in your party she will dispel the illusion at this bridge and you'll be able to cross into the Hidden Refuge. Without Neera in your party you will have to collect a Pile of Gravel from the nearby container and use it on the bridge. Your characters will figure out that it is an illusion and you'll be able to cross.

Gravel Pit: Here is where you'll find the Gravel Pit that you need to bypass the Bridge Illusion without Neera.