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Druid Grove Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Druid Grove Overview

The Druid Grove zone only unlocks on the World Map after you speak to Cernd during the Animal Troubles in Trademeet side quest. On this map you'll find many Troll enemies which you'll to use either Fire or Acid damage against to permanently kill them. If you picked up Rasaad in Trademeet he has a few abilities that deal fire damage and can take them out.

In the Druid Grove you'll need to do 2 things, the first is visit Adratha's Cottage for the Dealing with the Dealing with the Trademeet Genies side quest. Adratha is the rakshasa that they are looking for and when you defeat her you'll get a head that you can bring to the genies. The next important thing to do is visit the Druid's Grove and have Cernd or a Druid in your party unseat the Druid leader Faldorn. Doing this will solve the Animal Troubles in Trademeet side quest that we were sent here to do.

For evil characters who don't care about missing out on a lot of EXP, you can talk to Lord Khellon Menold in Trademeet and get poison from him which you can use to poison this entire forest. This however will result in any Druids in your group leaving and future Trademeet quests becoming unavailable.



Troll Mound: Inside this small building you'll find a bunch of trolls and 2 piles of loot that will contain The Dale's Protector and a Spear of the Unicorn +2.

Adratha's Cottage: Here you'll find Adratha who appears to be a humble potion merchant but turns out to be the Ihtafeer that the Trademeet Genies want dead. If you have Hexxat in your party or if you've already spoken to the Trademeet Genies then Adratha will turn into her Ihtafeer form, summon 2 more rakshasa and immediately attack you. Defeating the trio will net you Cleric's Staff +3, Periapt of Proof Against Poison and Ihtafeer's Head which you'll need to complete the Dealing with the Trademeet Genies side quest.

Ogre's Tower: You'll find Belm aka Scimitar of Speed +2 inside a chest in this small tower.

Druid Grove: Outside you'll find Dalok and a friend who will drop Gnasher +2 and The Burning Earth. Inside you'll find Faldorn whose involved in the culmination of the Animal Troubles in Trademeet side quest.