Limited Wish Adventure - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quest

Limited Wish Adventure Quest Start

The Limited Wish quest begins by casting the Limited Wish spell and asking the genie for a one time wish. One of the options in the list will be, "I wish for an adventure like none I've ever experienced before" choosing this wish will result in a Note being dropped at your feet which will point you to Delosar's Inn in the Bridge District of Athkatla.

Outside of Delosar's Inn you'll meet a man named Vittorio, a name you may recognize from the note dropped at our feet earlier. There will be some dialogue with Vittorio during which you should agree to help him with the problem he has with Dennis inside the Inn. After you agree to help him follow him inside and you'll find Vittorio in a shouting match with Dennis.

During this dialogue you'll learn that Vittorio stole Dennis' gong and if you agree to help get it back it'll start the quest, Help Vittorio Collect His Debt.

Vittorio Outside Delosars Inn

The first person we have to speak to for this quest is a man named Roger in the Temple District Sewers. You'll find Roger in the southern portion of the map, in order to get any information out of him about the Gong you'll have to help him with his Sea Troll problem. For more information about this quest I recommend you check my Temple District Sewers page.

Once the Sea Troll is taken care of Roger will inform you that he sold the Gong you want to a different Troll whose currently at the Druid Grove map. Visit the Druid Grove map and specifically the Troll Mound in the western portion of the zone. At the Troll Mound you'll meet a Troll named Grae who will attack you when you ask him about the Gong.

When the fight is over Grae will offer to tell you the location of the Gong in exchange for letting him live. Warning after agreeing to let him live don't kill him or you break the quest; if you accidentally kill him before he tells you to stop then you'll break the quest too (obviously).

Ogre Tower in Druid Grove

Grae informs you that the Gong is currently being held by an Ogre Mage by the name of Drush in a nearby tower. The tower in question is shown in my screenshot above, it's found a little bit northeast of the Troll Mound in the same zone. Drush has the Gong but asks you for a Wand of Frost in exchange for it.

Below I have created a list of all the Wand of Frosts that you can currently obtain. There are a few more locations you can find Wands of Frost but they're only accessible during singular moments of the game (Ust Natha, Irenicus' Dungeon) so I have excluded them.

Wand of Frost Locations:

1. Arledrian on the 2nd floor of Gaelan Bayle's House in Slums District
2. Guarded Compound in Temple District; Found in the southwestern room on the 2nd floor
3. De'Arnise Keep 2nd floor in Nalia's Parents room; search the Fire Place (may become unavailable once The De'Arnise Keep has been Invaded quest is finished)
4. Trademeet Genie in the Blue Tent sells one; unavailable once you finish Dealing with the Trademeet Genies
5. Adratha in Adratha's Cottage; a building in the Druid Grove - unavailable once you begin Dealing with the Trademeet Genies

Once you have a Wand of Frost return to Drush and trade it for the Gong. Then return to the Gong to Vittorio in the Bridge District of Athkatla to complete the quest. Your reward will be Boomerang Dagger +2 and 16k EXP.

Wand of Frost in Slums District
Arledrian in Slums District (inside Gaelan Bayle's house)


Wand of Frost in Guarded Compound
Guarded Compound in Temple District (Wand is on 2nd floor SW room)


Wand of Frost DeArnise Keep
De'Arnise Keep 2nd floor; Wand is found in Fireplace of Master Bedroom