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Hexxat's Request - Baldur's Gate 2 Side Quests

Hexxats Request Quest Start

Hexxat's Request is a side quest that begins in the Copper Coronet, a bar located in the Slums District of Athkatla. You'll find a girl named Hexxat standing in a corner near the counter who will speak with you whenever you talk to the person behind the counter. She asks to go to Dragomir's Tomb in a rather unusual way, you can accept this quest and recruit her by agreeing to take her to this tomb.

Note: This person you recruit is actually not Hexxat, her name is Clara and you won't find out who Hexxat is until the end of this quest. Hexxat has a whole chain of companion quests which go by the same name of this quest, "Hexxat's Request" - if you'd like to see walkthroughs for those guides follow the link provided for Hexxat's Request. This page is solely going to cover the quest involving Clara and Dragomir's Tomb.

One thing to mention is that this person is extremely impatient with wanting to visit Dragomir's Tomb. Nearly every single day she'll try to leave your party if you don't take her to the tomb. You can make her stay by choosing the right dialogue options but you'll still have to deal with the annoyance of going through the dialogue constantly.

You'll find Dragomir's Tomb in the southeastern portion of the Graveyard District, Clara will get excited when you approach the correct crypt. If you need help finding the right crypt check out my screenshot below.

Dragomirs Tomb Entrance

Once you enter the crypt Clara will reveal a secret portal in the wall that will teleport you to Dragomir's Tomb. This is a rather small dungeon that is section off into multiple parts; to gain access to the rest of the dungeon the first thing you need to do is collect the Iron Rod item. You can obtain the Iron Rod by first stepping inside of the tomb on the western side of the dungeon. Clara will initiate dialogue with you when you get close enough to the right tomb, it'll be pretty hard for you to miss.

Enter the tomb with one of your characters and you'll teleport into a small room where you'll find a spirit named Burich. There will be some dialogue with this spirit after which you'll beat him up and take the Iron Rod from him; go back through the tomb to return to the previous area. Now, what you need to do with this Iron Rod is place it into a small slot next to the front door in and out of Dragomir's Tomb.

I've included a picture below of where you'll need to insert the Iron Rod. Those of you who would like a map screenshot of the location instead check out my Dragomir's Tomb Overview.

Dragomirs Tomb Iron Rod Location
Place the Iron Rod into the slot shown above.

After placing the Iron Rod into the slot the second half of the tomb will be opened up for you, now you'll be able to proceed south. The next important thing you'll come across is the big boss enemy of this tomb, Dragomir. You'll find Dragomir in the big room in the southeast, there will be some dialogue with him after which he'll attack you.

Low level players will probably have a hard fight with Dragomir but if you're Level 15 or higher he'll be a piece of cake. Dragomir drops a Cloak of Dragomir which is an important item and needed for this quest -- however it doesn't matter if you pick it up or not (you'll see why in a bit).

From Dragomir you'll want to follow the hallway to the southwest until you find a purple light that will push everyone back except Clara. Send her through the purple light to dispel it and you'll find Hexxat's Tomb. There will be a short scene involved Hexxat (the real one) eating Clara along with some dialogue for what you want to do about it.

Queue the really bad writing. I typically don't go out of my way to complain about this sort of stuff but you can really see how bad of a job Beamdog did with some things in the Enhanced Edition. Below I will explain in detail why.

Hexxat First Meeting

So - almost anyone who is playing a "good" aligned character would immediately kill Hexxat. You just witnessed an evil creature eat an innocent person right in front of you; why on earth would you even try to reason with it? Not only this, the dialogue between you and Hexxat is awful and I mean seriously awful. She is a total bitch to you and expects you to just let her walk away...

Here is the even better part, if you picked up the Cloak of Dragomir from the adjacent room Hexxat will demand it from you. I've been through the dialogue with her multiple times and she will never ask you for it no matter what you choose - only demand it. If I am trying to roleplay a character of a certain alignment this quest is always a jarring experience because I am forced to break character to resolve it.

You may be wondering, why not just kill her? Well, that's because when you return to the Copper Coronet and recruit the real Hexxat you'll get Dragomir's Respite which is basically a Bag of Holding with 99 free slots in it. There is only a single other Bag of Holding in the base game and you'll get it from Spellhold during Chapter 4. Considering the fact that you can get this as early as Chapter 2... It's really... really valuable.

Thankfully, you can get the Dragomir's Respite then kick Hexxat out of your party and be done with her. If you'd like to do her companion quests too then follow the link below for more information about them.



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