Hexxat Companion Quest - Baldur's Gate 2

Hexxats Companion Quest Start

This page is going to cover Hexxat's Companion Quest chain which begins after you recruit the real Hexxat into your party. If you're currently looking for information about Hexxat's Request - the version that has you go to Dragomir's Tomb in the Graveyard District then follow the link provided to that page instead.

For this quest 1 week after you recruit Hexxat into your party you'll be approached by someone named Cabrina who will give you information about your next mission. Cabrina will only approach you at night time while in the streets of Athkatla - any district other than the Graveyard District will work.

After accepting this quest from Cabrina the next time you enter the Graveyard District there will be some dialogue with Hexxat. When you answer "All right. Let's go" you'll be teleported to the Crypts of Durkon and this quest will begin in earnest.

Crypts of Durkon Quest Start

If you'd like a different write up than what is on this page I recommend you check out my Crypts of Durkon Overview guide. That page will give you an overhead view of this entire zone and point out the most important things to be found here. As with this guide, it's up to you to find all of the optional loot in this dungeon. My job is only to show you how to complete the dungeon.

When you first enter this crypt you'll encounter someone named Keno who will ask you for help if you choose to not outright attack him. If you choose to help him he'll open the nearby door and you'll have to fight some Umber Hulks and Mind Flayers before talking with Keno again. Your reward for helping him will be Key of Scholars which will grant us access to the next part of this tomb.

The next part of the tomb will be home of Ki Chin Sang who carries the Key of the Master's Crypt which we need to access the final part of this tomb. You can take the key from Ki Chin Sang by force if you want or you can play along with his game and pretend to be submissive and polite with "yes master" to be tested for the key instead.

Playing along with Ki Chin Sang will get you more EXP and more magical items since you'll be able to fight 6 of his lieutenants in the adjacent room (pictured below). Each of these enemies will drop some magical items and give you a decent chunk of EXP. In order to summon these lieutenants all you need to do is attack one of the sarcophagi, this will cause all 6 to spawn and attack.

Nan Kung Chi Lieutenants Fight

After defeating all 6 of the lieutenants Ki Chin Sang will approach you and give you the key. This will open the door leading into the northern most room of this crypt. Inside this part of the crypt you'll find Nan Kung Chi who is a mummy; no matter what you say it'll result in combat. Once Nan Kung Chi has been defeated I encourage you to explore the entire tomb and gather all of the loot you want/need.

When you are ready to complete this quest all you need to do is loot The Claw of the Black Leopard out of the tomb next to where you found Nan Kung Chi. Hexxat will engage you in dialogue and offer to teleport you back to the Graveyard District in Athkatla once you have the item - accepting her request will finish the quest.

Upon exiting the Crypts of Durkon nothing will happen for a whole week. At some point you'll be approached again by Cabrina, much like before this event will only trigger during the night time and in Athkatla. Cabrina will take The Claw of the Black Leopard from you and give you a final task which will work very similarly to the previous one.

For the final task Cabrina gives you we'll have to return to the Graveyard District and 'tomb walk' to a new location called Tomb of the Unproved.

Tomb of the Unproved Start

The Tomb of the Unproved is another poorly designed dungeon which is pretty normal for the Enhanced Edition. A lot of the mechanics in this dungeon you can completely skip over and most of the "hidden loot" is complete garbage that isn't worth going out of your way for (Boots of Elvenkind, seriously?). If you'd like a more detailed write up of this dungeon check out the Tomb of the Unproved Overview page for more information. On this page you're only going to find information about how to complete this dungeon and get out as quickly as possible.

After passing through the "Trap Room" you will find yourself in a room with white floors and 3 Wizards who are arguing about who is more powerful. There is some dialogue with these Wizards but it is meaningless and will always end in a fight. In this room you'll want to search the bookshelf in the northwest which is where you will find Tale of the Prophet Unproved which is an item we need to complete this dungeon.

With the book in hand you'll want to proceed to the next room which is pictured below. Hexxat will stop you when you enter and explain how this puzzle works. Essentially you just need to avoid floor tiles with webs on them or with cracks. Use my screenshot below for the correct route to navigate through this area.

Tomb of the Unproved Floor Tile Puzzle
Follow the blue line for the correct route through the floor tile puzzle

The next room you come across will have a stone face in the northern portion of it that will repeatedly ask you to put your hand in its mouth. When you finally do this it will ask you a series of questions that you must answer correctly to proceed. In order for the correct dialogue options to even be available to you, you'll have to have looted the Tale of the Prophet Unproved from the room with the 3 Wizards.

Below you'll find the correct answers to each question that the stone face asks of you.

Questionnaire Answers:

1. Rabi'ah, Aminah, Bilqis and Sukayna
2. Raffiyah
3. Muharr
4. Badiat
5. Answer anything

Once you've answered everything correctly it'll open the door to the final room of this dungeon. In this room you'll find Raffiyah sitting in the middle who is a spider queen. You can convince Raffiyah to let you take the Shroud of the Unproved peacefully or you can fight her over it. I'd recommend you fight her as you'll earn the most EXP for going this route.

Raffiyah Boss Fight

Regardless of your approach, loot the Shroud of the Unproved from the chest behind Raffiyah and then talk to Hexxat to be teleported out of the dungeon. If Hexxat doesn't talk to you right away use Rest or wait a bit because she may currently be silenced from fighting Raffiyah.

Once you return the Graveyard District Hexxat will start dialogue with you and you will have the option of letting her go back to the Copper Coronet alone or accompanied by you. It doesn't matter which you choose - you'll find Hexxat back in her little corner of the Copper Coronet. If you'd like her to rejoin your party simply talk to her.