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Dragomir's Tomb Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Dragomirs Tomb Overview

Dragomir's Tomb is a location you'll be visiting during the Hexxat's Request quest. This is a low level dungeon and can be completed very early in the game by low level players. As for how this dungeon works, the quick summary is - you need to step inside the tomb to be teleported to a boxed off room in the middle.

Get the Iron Rod from the ghost in this room then place it inside of the Rod Holder in the northern portion of the map next to the Entrance/Exit door. This will lock the front door but allow you to explore the rest of the room. In order to get out of the tomb you will need to remove the Iron Rod from the receptacle you placed it in.



Rod Holder: In order to open the door that leads to the rest of the tomb with Dragomir and Hexxat you'll have to place the Iron Rod from Burich into this Rod Holder. When you're done with Dragomir's Tomb and it's time to leave you'll have to take the Iron Rod out of the Rod Holder to open the front door again.

Tomb Tele: You'll find a tomb that you can crawl inside of here which will teleport you between the 2 locations marked Tomb Tele. This is one of the first things you will have to do inside of the tomb so that you can defeat Burich and get the Iron Rod.

Burich: Burich is found in a closed off room that can only be reached by using the Tomb Tele. Upon defeat Burich will drop an Iron Rod which you need to place in the Rod Holder near the entrance of the tomb. This will give you access to the rest of the map.

Dragomir: Dragomir is the boss of this tomb but all in all he isn't very difficult. Upon his defeat he will drop a Cloak of Dragomir which is an item required for the next part of this quest and for Hexxat.

Hexxat: When you first arrive at this location you'll get a scene between Hexxat and Clara; you'll also meet Hexxat's true form which is that of a Vampire. If you want to recruit Hexxat to your party then you'll have to act like a submissive little bitch during the dialogue with her, let her order you around and don't attack her.