The Warrior Princess - Act 5 Story Quest

The Warrior Princess Quest Start

The Warrior Princess is the second main quest of Act 5 and it can be started by speaking with Ylva ~ Princess of Scandia in Corinth. In order for Ylva to appear at this location you'll first need to have completed Troubles of a New Age which is the first quest of Act 5. For the first part of this quest you will need to travel northeast of Ylva out of the City of Corinth to the Road to Kencherai. Our destination is the harbor which this road leads us to.

You may notice too when looking at your map that this area actually takes place in the same location as Act 1 did, pretty cool. Once you reach the Port of Kencherai you'll want to speak with Dorieus the Dockmaster here to sail to the North, which is where the rest of Act 5 will be taking place.

Side Quests In Area:

Sciron (Scironean Rocks)

When you arrive in the North you'll find yourself at Danube Landing which is a tad bit to the east of Heuneburg, the first town. In the town of Heuneburg you will want to speak with Boudorix (pictured below) to update your quest and to receive your first reward of EXP for the quest.

Boudorix for The Warrior Princess in Heuneburg

In the town of Heuneburg there will be a couple Side Quests for you to pick up as well as a Portal for you to grab. As usual, below you can find a quick list of all the Side Quests that you can complete during this part of the main story quest. For A Northern Contact you technically do not need to start the quest in order to complete it. You only need to discover the body later on.

Side Quests In Area:

A Northern Contact (City of Corinth)
Heart to Stomach (Heuneburg)
White Gold (Heuneburg)
The Golden Sickle (Hercynian Forest)
Wine From the Rhine (Rhine Valley)

For the story quest that we are currently working on our next stop is Brigarigos in Lemberg. You can find Brigarigos ontop of a cliff in Lemberg and it is very important that you do not skip him. If you do not speak to him then you will not be able to complete this quest when you arrive in Glauberg. A screenshot of where you can find Brigarigos is shown below. Additionally, the Heart to Stomach Side Quest is nearby this location and worth doing at the same time since all you have to do is talk to someone.

Brigarigos for The Warrior Princess

Brigarigos Map Location

After passing Brigarigos on Lemberg mountain there are three more Side Quests which you can complete before arriving in Glauberg, The Golden Sickle, A Northern Contact and Wine from the Rhine. The Golden Sickle takes place in the troll camps just north of Lemberg.

You'll find the body needed for A Northern Contact in the cave right after you fight the named bandit and his cohorts in Rhine Valley. Wine from the Rhine takes place in the portion of Rhine Valley just before Glauberg which comes after the cave with the body for A Northern Contact.

Once you arrive in Glauberg you'll want to speak with Ylva to complete this quest and then speak with Teutorigos to start the next one, The Power of Nerthus.