Wine From The Rhine - Act 5 Side Quest

Start Location: Rhine Valley
Quest Location: Rhine Valley
Objective: Obtain the Keg of Wine from a nearby cave and return it to Borbeto; then deliver it to Glauberg

Wine from the Rhine is a Side Quest which begins by speaking with Borbeto in Rhine Valley, one of the areas you'll run through just before reaching the town of Glauberg. The fastest way to get to this location (if you have the Portal) is to port to Glauberg and go south out of town.

Borbeto asks you to retrieve his Keg of Wine from the bandits who stole it from him. The Keg of Wine that you need can be found a tad bit northeast of Borbeto in the nearby cave (shown on my map below). Inside the cave you'll find a Small Chest, open it and the Keg of Wine will pop out for you. Return this to Borbeto to update the quest and get your experience reward; however this will not complete the quest just yet.

Wine from the Rhine Map Locations

Next you will have to take this wine to Glauberg and speak with Cunobelenus in town. He's found right near the Portal, a screenshot of who you're looking for is below. Speak with him and you'll receive more EXP, some Health Potions and complete the quest for real this time.

Wine from the Rhine Cunobelenus