The Golden Sickle - Act 5 Side Quest

The Golden Sickle Quest Start

Start Location: Hercynian Forest
Quest Location: Hercynian Forest/Cave of the Troll King
Objective: Defeat King Goldtooth and return the Golden Sickle to Artebudz

The Golden Sickle is a Side Quest that begins in Hercynian Forest by speaking with Artebudz. You can find him standing next to his bear companion a little bit northwest of the primary path that runs through this entire area on a slightly raised hill. Artebudz wants you to retrieve his Golden Sickle from King Goldtooth, the troll who stole it from him.

A tad bit northeast of Artebudz there will be a cave entrance by the name of "Cave of the Troll King", this is where you'll find King Goldtooth and the Golden Sickle. If you need help locating either Artebudz or the Cave of the Troll King check out my map screenshot below.

King Goldtooth is in the back of the cave and he can be a tough fight depending on your build. He has very high health regeneration which will make him difficult for low DPS characters and he has some very hard hitting physical attacks which will make him difficult for casters.

Once King Goldtooth is defeated inspect the Bone Pile near where he was found to claim the Golden Sickle. Return to Artebudz and talk with him again to complete the quest.

King Goldtooth for The Golden Sickle

The Golden Sickle Map Locations