White Gold - Act 5 Side Quest

White Gold Quest Start

Start Location: Heuneberg
Quest Location: Swabian Jura/Salt Mines
Objective: Defeat Vengeful Ghost and return the Ornate Seal Ring to Heuneberg

White Gold is a Side Quest which begins by speaking with Gorcoun in the town of Heuneberg, the second town of Act 5. For this quest you'll need to go into the Salt Mines which are west of town in the area of Swabian Jura. There will be an NPC standing outside with a quest marker above his head but speaking with him is not required to complete the quest.

Inside of the mine you'll find a Vengeful Ghost which upon its defeat will drop an Ornate Seal Ring, our quest item. The Vengeful Ghost is found in the back of the mine, I recommend just skipping most of the enemies in side as they're too slow to pursue you very far anyway. This can be a very tough fight if you're a build that struggles with undead enemies; I would recommend clearing the entire room out prior to taking on the Vengeful Ghost if you need to.

Now that you have the Ornate Seal Ring you have to pick who you want to turn the quest in to at Heuneberg. More details on the different turn in NPCs is found below.

Vengeful Ghost for White Gold Quest

White Gold Map Locations

White Gold Elise Turn In

This quest is one of few in Act 5 where there are different options for solving it. You have the choice to give the Ornate Seal Ring to Gorcoun, the guy you talked to in order to begin this quest or the original owner's wife, Elise. The difference between rewards are minor, Elise gives you more EXP and an item but no Gold whereas Gorcoun will give you less XP and a lot of gold.

You have the option of returning to Elise after completing the quest (leave the area and return or just make a new game) and speaking with her for some gold too. Essentially she gains control of the mine with Gorcoun gone and can now reward you with gold too. In my opinion, giving it to Elise is always the better option since you'll get more EXP that way. Gold isn't that big of a deal in this game and easy to get other ways.

Gorcoun Reward: EXP and Gold (Less EXP than Elise)

Elise Rewards: EXP and an Item (return later and speak with her for Gold too)