Dvergar History - Act 5 Side Quest

Dvergar History Quest Start

Start Location: Kaupangr
Quest Location: Dvergr Mines/Old Mine
Objective: Obtain both Runic Tablets and return them to Valdis
Reward: +2 Skill Points & EXP

Dvergar History is one of the final Side Quests in Act 5 of the Ragnarok Expansion. This quest is one of the quests that will grant you a permanent reward upon completion; you'll receive +2 Skill Points on each difficulty so it's extremely important that you don't skip this quest!

You'll receive this quest by speaking with Valdis in Kaupangr; the easiest way to get to Kaupangr is by taking the Portal to King Gylfi's Settlement and from King Gylfi's Settlement travel west to the coast. Speak with the Dockmaster here and travel to Kaupangr.

Runic Tablet #1 Location: Found in the northern most portion of Dvergr Mines. At the entrance to the path that leads to the Dvergr Mines with this Runic Tablet you'll find a large named beast, Austri and Nar - Dvergr Overlords. It's two Dvergr enemies riding a big monster, defeat the big monster then you'll have to fight both Austri and Nar individually. You can find this portion of the Dvergr Mines by going northwest from the Dark Lands Portal.

Runic Tablet #2 Location: Located in the northern most portion of the Old Mine. You will run through this area on your way to fight the Fungoid King during the Main Story Quest for this part of the game. You can find the Old Mines to the east of the Dark Lands Portal.

If you'd like to see some map locations of where you can find each of these Runic Tablets check out my pictures below.

Dvergar History Runic Tablet 1 Map Location
Runic Tablet #1 Map Location


Dvergar History Runic Tablet 2 Map Location
Runic Tablet #2 Map Location